SLUG #247 Reviewed

It’s been a little bit since we have had a chance to review SLUG, but the issue comes through with shining colors. Of course, there are a number of different advertisements for largely Salt Lake City-based events, but the vast majority of content in this issue deals with a healthy mix of skating, music, movies, and local culture.

The layout of this issue is something that has substantially increased over older issues of SLUG, in that each article both is distinct in style from the others and similar in overall approach. No piece is hard to read, even though the text size that SLUG uses is quite small. Of particular interest during this issue would have to be “A Punk Rocker’s Tale”, which describes the new sports of Tall Bike Jousting, and a Localized section that touches on David Williams and Band of Annuals. The coverage that SLUG provides to local businesses reaches its apex with a discussion of Zurlick shoes, a company that relies on word of mouth – and not a logo – to sell the products that they provide. An interview with Sunn O))) will appease those into drone rock, while a heavy focus on skateboarding will keep the more active set interested. Another month, another great issue of SLUG. Pick it up if you are in the area, or pay them a few bucks to send you a copy.

Rating: 8.0/10