SLUG #251 Reviewed

 It’s been a few months since we have had the chance to go and review an issue of Slug, and one simply cannot come back to a greater blend of different approaches, styles, and subject material. This ensures that readers will be able to keep interested in what Slug’s staff has to say, while checking out the different advertisements that are spread out at good intervals in this issue. “Dear Dickhead” actually is informative this time around (rather than being pointed for pointed’s sake), while the Localized section is awash with stellar design as Circus Brown turns readers on to Sleepover, The Kidneys, and Aye Aye. The coverage of more active things (Skating, Snowboarding) is ratcheted up with Bob Plumb’s work with S.F.K. (Stupid Fucking Kustoms), a shop that chops up motorcycles into bold new creations. In my opinion, the best piece in this issue has to be the project guide (D.I.Y. written up by Arnesto Rodriguez). In this piece, eye showcases what is necessary to ensure that favorite skateboarding places are kept up for posterity. Other pieces, such that coverage on a small-market skateboard company (Odeus Skateboards) and “Barred For Life”, discussing those people that have tattooed the iconic logo of Black Flag on their bodies, work well with the numerous reviews to make another stellar issue. Check Slug out; they have been steady as hell since we here at NeuFutur first got a shot at them.

Rating: 7.6/10