The Essentials | City Weekly’s Entertainment Picks for Feb. 21-27

By Jamie Gadette
Posted 02/21/2008

Trip down memory lane with SLUG Magazine, the local publication devoted to
both current musical trends and blasts from the past. Case in point: MAKING
A SCENE, a new 30-minute documentary on the reunification of four
once-prominent, now-legendary punk/hardcore bands<Clear, The Stench, The
Corleones and Iceburn<from their late ’80s heyday to February 2007, when
SLUG celebrated 18 years on the block with two grand-slam reunion shows. The
brief film squeezes in commentary by local musicians, concert promoters,
members of the media and other figures who supported and continue to rave
about these bands and their much-needed impact on our sleepy little town.
Why should you care? Well, many of the featured artists are still "making a
scene" in new projects including Vile Blue Shades, Eagle Twin, Form of
Rocket, New Transit Direction and other groups that make The Beehive State a
more colorful place in which to live and rage. If you’re too young to
remember what Raunch Records was and somehow consider yourself an expert on
local music, this is one history lesson you can’t afford to miss. Making a
Scene @ Brewvies Cinema Pub, 677 S. 200 West, Friday, Feb. 22, 8 p.m. & 9
p.m., 21+; also @ Red Light Books, 179 E. 300 South, Saturday, Feb. 23, 8
p.m. All-ages.