Track Stars – SLUG’s Angela Brown spins 10 salty cuts.

By Angela Brown
Posted 02/23/2006

City Weekly is asking locals what’s playing on their iPods and assorted digital toys-brand-new tunes, classic favorites, etc.-right now, and why. This week, SLUG magazine editor Angela Brown plugs some product: "Because I’m a shameless self-promoter, I’m going to pick most of the tracks from the upcoming SLUG Death by Salt II compilation, featuring 39 Utah bands, to be released March 3 and 4."

The Glinting Gems, "White Lilly"


"’White Lilly’ breaks my heart into thousands of small, warm-fuzzy pieces at the first sound of their husband-and-wife vocal harmonies. It restores my hope for true love and dare I say … marriage? Gasp!"

Fifi Murmur, "Message From the Grave"


"Attention, Jeremy Smith and Dave Durrant: Please make more sugar-pop dance tunes for me to host hairbrush lip-syncs to at 3 a.m. for an imaginary audience consisting of … absolutely nobody."

Silvox, "Jaded"


"An amazing studio project from the mind of Stiletto’s Julie Styer; hopefully, she’ll release a full-length in the near future."

Sleeping Bag, "Ex-Blackhole"


"Hands down, Kyrbir is one of the sexiest vocalists in Salt Lake (maybe it’s those dresses he wears onstage). ‘Ex-Blackhole’ makes me want to crawl into a sleeping bag naked with headphones."

Thunderfist, "Sleep When I’m Dead"


"Played at maximum volume, ‘Sleep When I’m Dead’ will make you cheat on your wife and spend this month’s grocery money on cocaine and midget porn, while wearing a pink bunny suit."

Vile Blue Shades, "Under Watchful Eye"


"The opening track for the two-disc Death by Salt compilation-also, my personal favorite. Ryan Jensen is the Gary Busey of Salt Lake."

The Horns, "Broadcast Male"


"Imagine an amazing B-movie where singer Scott Selfridge sludges through a deep swamp, hears a scary noise and ends up shooting a man-eating rabbit in the face with a sawed-off shotgun. Did I mention this was taking place underwater? Yes, an underwater swamp."

Le Force, "Enviro"


"No matter how many times I listen to it, I never get tired of this track-my second favorite on the comp."

Stiff Little Fingers, "Barbed Wire Love"


"One of my favorite love songs of all time."

Turbonegro, "Fuck the World"


"Who doesn’t love homosexual Scandinavians in jean jackets and tight leather G-strings? If only they would play Salt Lake …"