Review: KeepCup


KeepCup Brew

If you ever wanted to catch the eye of your favorite barista, get your coffee or tea in one of KeepCup’s chic and ingenuous reusable cups. I took my glass KeepCup Brew ($32) on daily treks to SLUG HQ’s favorite caffeine haunt, The Rose Establishment, where it was the envy of each of their lovely employees. I’d previously been toting around a Hammertone Green Stanley Vacuum Mug, which did keep beverages hotter for longer than the KeepCup but left a metallic taste to my daily cuppa—not to mention that it has a lid that’s difficult to clean thoroughly. The KeepCup, though, is made with durable tempered glass, which keeps any drink warm enough for quick consumption, has an easy-to-clean and securable polypropylene lid and comes in 8-oz. and 12-oz. sizes, and can either have a plastic or cork band around it for safe handling. While it’s comparable to the JOCO cup, the classy-lookin’ cork band seals the deal … Next time you fill up, let KeepCup do the talking. –Christian Schultz