Product Reviews – March 2009

BozWreck Snowboards
Home Wreck (a.k.a. Matty Ryan) 148 Pro Model
BozWreck was started in 2005 as a video production company and has since put out two DVDs, both of which are self-titled. If you haven’t had a chance to check either of them out, you’re failing at life. Since 2008, BozWreck has become a full-on board company. The team is made up of two unclassy individuals, Nate Bozung and Matty Ryan - both of who have been staples in the Utah urban shred scene for the past decade. BozWreck also consists of a few flow riders and tree burners. Ever heard the piña colada song? You know, the one that goes, “If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, if you’re not into health food and you have half a brain…� That song reminds me of BozWreck snowboards. Their boards are smooth and they are not made for pussies. These boards are geared towards people with attitude problems and people who had issues growing up. I mean who the fuck wants to grow up? Jobs aren’t anything but work. If you don’t have any attitude, you might as well kill yourself because you’re missing out on fucking shit up. Home Wreck hooked me up with a sweet shred stick due to the fact that it was either that or get one of his fingers chopped off for losing a bet. The board was a little stiff at first, but after a few days it became all buttery like a crack hit. I hadn’t ridden on a board this small for a while, but to my surprise, this thing was fun as shit. I’m only five-foot-nothing though, so you might want to take that into consideration. The board has proper pop and a sketchy little top graphic of Matty partaking in his two favorite pastimes, swilling a brew and choking down a cancer stick. Go to Milo Sport and pick up both DVDs and a BozWreck board, and if you’re lucky, Boznuts and Home Wreck might be lurking and burning in the parking lot. Watch your children around these two! - David Amador

Crescent Moon
Gold Series 10 Snowshoe
It was nasty inversion-filled air when I woke up that morning, and all I could think about was getting the fuck out of the grimy smog. Fortunately, it was time to test out my new snowshoes, so I packed and headed up Little Cottonwood to make my way up Little Superior for some fresh turns. People don’t normally use snowshoes with ski boots, but it happens, and I was one of those people making it happen. The strapping mechanism on the shoes is super easy and makes for a quick entrance with the use of their single-strap pull technology. The hike itself was steep, but the excellent toe claws of the snowshoes made for superior traction up the peak. Once I had reached the summit, I was psyched to learn that nothing was broken on the snowshoes and it was time to shred some gnar. Hand made in Boulder, Colorado, this pair of snowshoes is built to last. The super light construction of these bad boys make it so you don’t even notice they are strapped onto your pack when descending. Good work Crescent Moon, I had another happy day of shredding thanks to my hardworking friends in Boulder. - Mike Reff

The Drifter
and The Caddy
If you haven’t seen me around town gathering crowds of girls due to this fresh new cap, then you probably will soon. Seriously, I have received so many compliments on this hat that it’s almost annoying. I know this is an awesome hat. I am wearing it nonstop, duh! I received the Drifter in the natural colorway, and I’m very excited to bring this hat into my spring wardrobe as an everyday wearer. Now on to the Caddy… this is a perfect wallet for those of us that don’t have cash and just carry cards (why we even carry the cards, I don’t know). It is very slim and doesn’t take any attention away from my great ass. Keep it up fellas! - Hehshun

Rome SDS
Vagrant Pant and Draggers Only Jacket
Ahhh, there is nothing like a comfortable pant and jacket combo that keeps you dry, warm and stylish on the mountain. Rome nailed it with a new take on the classic Members Only jacket that keeps you extremely dry while you’re showing the homies on the mountain “how we do.� The Vagrant pant is also another great addition to the Manifest Collection and has enough pockets to hold just about anything you can think of needing to have with you while riding. Both the pants and the Draggers Only jacket have Drytac 15™ Technology, meaning they allow the moisture inside your gear to get out as it repels water like light repels darkness. Even though I am not a huge fan, the all-over print on the liner of the jacket is pretty cool for an all-over print and complements the plain black shell to a T. So if you want some classic gear that has just enough flare to satisfy your tastes, check out the website or, preferably, head over to a local snow shop to pick up their goods. After all, we are in a recession, right? - Adam Dorobiala

AG Binding
Everybody knows that the step-in bindings the snowboard market offers right now suck - it’s a fact, but GNU went the extra mile here to design a binding that blows the rest out of the water. Much like classic step-in bindings, the AG binding incorporates a latch that makes it easier to get the snugness of a strap-in binding without the pesky ratcheting. It’s a little hard to get used to at first, but once you figure out the logistics and dynamics of the straps, they are pretty sweet. The only unfortunate thing is that they won’t be out for another year, so keep saving up that scrilla so when they drop, you will be the first one strapped in at the top of the mountain. - Adam Dorobiala

Dennis McNett Pack
Vans teamed up with Dennis McNett to bring you a run of radical art clothing. Much of McNett’s art inspiration comes from the aesthetic of mid-80s punk rock, album art and the raw skateboarding scene of the time. Printed in a linoleum-cut style, powerful, dark animal imagery of howling wolves, deathly bats and cunning crows cover the shirts that came in the pack. The 100 percent cotton keeps you comfortable while the slightly faded, worn-out look keeps you looking rugged and raw, not like a munted drip dressed in the freshest new gear that mommy bought for the first day of school. More cackling crows grace the insole and backside of a pair of J-Lay mids. I almost didn’t want to skate them, but that would be anti-Vans and McNett. As McNett says, “If I were to recall an image of how Vans fit into the aesthetic of the ‘80s it would be a SK8-Hi with blown out soles and a wad of duct tape around the toe holding it all together.� Visit vansapparel. com to see more of the art/clothing collaboration series and visit to see more Mc- Nett art. - Chris Swainston

Skirt Sports
IceQueen Skirt

I may not be a triathlete or a tennis player but I do work out and when I do, I like to wear items that reflect my style. Having a new clothing item to get sporty in is a perfect catalyst to get me out of the office and into the gym. The founders of Skirts Sports understand this and know that fashion motivates most women. Skirts Sports offer a variety of colors and several styles so you can customize your look according to your activity. I chose the IceQueen style because of its basic black color palette and comfortable lycra leggings that come attached under the skirt. This style is ideal for any outdoor fall/winter activity. I particularly liked the hidden iPod pocket (located on the upper thigh area yet disguised by the skirt) and the concealed pinpoint-sized hole in the skirt allowing my headphone cord to thread through. The IceQueen is so feminine and flattering on, I don’t dread running errands in it after breaking a sweat. Most gym clothes are as flattering as wearing a refrigerator box and I don’t want to keep them on my body any longer than I have to. Last Saturday morning I found myself still wearing the IceQueen while running errands after my workout. My only qualm about the product is the cheesy logo placement— on the lower back like a tramp stamp. —Jane Honda