Product Reviews – November 2010

Ace Skateboard Truck MFG.
Ace 33
Straight from the Bay Area comes a product so raw, Spice One would bow down to the “steel” of these trucks. Ace Trucks are pretty much the most simple, sleek and functional truck design to hit streets since the first design of a pivot cup truck was invented. I am pretty sure these suckers are made of diamond dust, because they shine and grind unlike any other truck I have ever skated. Just look at the baseplate if you don’t believe me. More props are in order to Ace MFG. for keeping it basic and not offering any bullshit merchandise to make more profits, but choosing to just provide the highest quality and grindability around. Capitalism be damned! On the real though, partner: If you doubt they are better than your Indys, go get a pair (if you can find them, only the smart shops know about the radness), skate an obstacle, and watch the power of the rock let you grind yourself to outer space. Serious. –Adam Dorobiala

Circa Footwear
Circa MIA
It is most difficult to find a pair of shoes that last long, skate well and look good. On my never-ending quest to find the perfect pair of shoes, I came across the Circa MIA model. For the first week, they were great—they broke in quickly and skated well, but by the end of week two, they had almost completely deteriorated. I suppose that is what you will find with most shoes that were designed to skate really well for a good week or so. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive shoe to get you through one skateboard trip, then this is it. They will make you look good and skate well, and when you get home, you won’t feel bad just throwing them away.
–Cordially Yours

Blind Skateboards
Jake Duncombe Eternal Life Skateboard
The claim is a 90-day guarantee against breakage, which, when you are talking about skateboards, sounds a little farfetched. Needless to say, I was skeptical. The board has some super-science top layer that is most likely composed of a carbon fiber, water-based synthetic alloy or something awesome like that. After skating the board for a period of time that would have left an average board just a vague memory, it had still not broken, even though it was soggy and chipped beyond recognition. That is just the natural order of things, just ask anybody who skateboards. All in all, the board held up to its claim, and I felt it necessary to stomp it until it submitted to the awesome power of gravity and broke. There are a lot of gimmicks out there, and most of the time, they are just that, but I was happy to know that someone could hold up their end of the bargain. –Johnny Tight Lips

Prototype 600 Degrees
The Airwalk Prototype 600 Degrees was a classic model the company released way back in 1990. It’s now been re-released and, judging by the weight and look of the thing, is unchanged from the original. Unless you like a really light shoe to wear about, these retro hi-tops are your joint. I enjoy the colors they come in, too: white and grey, red and black, and the model I got—“Bruiser” (black and “lake blue”). They offer some innovations from the old days that certain newer shoes, made just for “skate fashion,” lack, like a well padded tongue and rubber ollie pads. Note: I never wore a pair of Airwalks until now, always opting for Vans, Globes or Adio back in my regular skating days, but these guys use quality materials and manufacture at good factories, so I can tell they’re going to last for a while. –JP

Smith Optics
The Scientist
There are a lot of retro trends rolling around in the sunglass world right now, and it seems like most of the retro designs aren’t really built to last. The scientists from Smith are quite another story altogether. As a part of their new ‘Style Series,’ you can tell they are definitely gonna have people asking you some questions as to where you acquired such a clean-looking pair of glasses. Quality is a key factor on these glasses, with “techlite” polarized glass lenses and an overall awesome style, not to mention the fact that they come with a lifetime warranty. It would appear that these things can handle anything you can dish out. How many other sunglass companies out there offer such a high-quality product while still maintaining an MSRP that won’t break your bank? I would look into getting some Smiths this year. The classic style is something that will never go away with fads or trends and will keep you cruising for life.  –Adam Dorobiala