Product Reviews – February 2011

Zoo York. Photo: Eric Hess

Zoo York
Bircho and Trusty Shoes
In the early ‘90s, East Coast skate-lifestyle brand Zoo York would describe itself as a skate, hip-hop and graffiti inspired brand. As this company has grown, their products have come to assume the dark, gritty undertones of the East Coast’s inner cities. The Bircho and Trusty shoes are no exception. The Bircho’s style is raw and unassuming, yet that’s what makes it such a great skate shoe. The suede fabric can handle months if not years of kickflips, and the shock absorbing mid sole does wonders in the bruised heel department. Add the vulcanized toe and you’ve got yourself a solid skate shoe that’s sure to keep you happy every second you spend on a skateboard. The Trusty shoe is a high top with skate influences. It has a leather overlay on the heel and suede on the heel stripe, plus a vulcanized sole, making it both classy and skateable. So whether you’re into lookin’ super fly on the weekends or late night skate sessions, this shoe is a “trusty” addition to your skate shoe arsenal.  –Chris Proctor

EHP 186
Based right here in Salt Lake City, 4FRNT has been making skis since 2002. The EHP is Eric Hjorliefson’s pro model. If you are not familiar, Eric is the backcountry guru of the 4FRNT crew, a true Canadian who spends most of his time skinning around the backcountry, snowmobiling and skiing sick lines. With dimensions of 129x116x123, this ski is big, but not cartoon-like and has a monster, 40-meter turning radius. It features a tip rocker that allows the ski to plow through anything in its way and stay afloat in the deep stuff. This ski likes to go, and it likes to go hard and fast. The EHP is the slayer of all terrain, essentially a downhill race ski on steroids. It will lay down some massive turns on any face, no matter if it’s overhead blower or rock-hard rotten snow. Often, skis this wide get a bit of chatter when it gets rough and fast, but not these boards—the only thing that will rattle is your brain when you are strait-lining out of The Cirque. It’s a ski that will kick your ass if you are not ready, but if you like to point it and hold on, this pair of sticks should be your go-to boards. –Mike Reff

Maze Helmet and I/O Goggle
The first time I took the Smith Maze helmet out for a test run, I was battling a fierce hangover. My brain felt like it was throwing itself against the inside of my skull but as soon as I slipped this thing on, I felt like my head was being cuddled by the Stay Puft marshmallow dude. He was whispering sweet nothings to my distressed gray matter. The Maze features tons of padding for a great fit that also keeps your head super warm. If you’ve ever worn an ill-fitting helmet-goggle combo, you know that even sneezing can necessitate a full head-gear rearrangement. The Maze fits so perfectly with Smith’s I/O goggles that I was able to ride all day without fucking with anything. The I/O goggles have a spherical lens that gave me a much wider angle of view than traditional lenses. It took me a hot minute to figure out how to switch out the lenses, but once I got it, it was super easy to do. Besides being super functional, the Maze helmet and the I/O goggles look fresh as fuck. Both are super sleek and low profile and available in tons of colorways to match your steeze. I’ve heard every excuse for not wearing a brain bucket: “It feels weird,” “I can’t see,” “I don’t wanna look like a gaper.” The Maze solves all of these problems, so now the only excuse you have is, “I don’t have any brains worth protecting.” –Katie Panzer

O’Quinn Clothing
Classic ‘40s Long Sleeve & James Dean Jean   
I am a creature of habit and that aspect of myself spills over into my everyday wardrobe decisions. Naturally, I was apprehensive to wear a brand that is not part of my typical forte. But after careful consideration, I decided that O’Quinn clothing is okay by me. I mean, you cannot dispute quality craftsmanship and classic styling. The jeans are my favorite dark blue classic denim color, which makes for a good cuffed look. As far as the T-shirts are concerned, you’d be a fool to say that heather maroon is a bad color, or that these shirts don’t fit right and are uncomfortable­­—by which I mean the shirts fit really well and are made of some of the finest cotton I have ever had the pleasure of draping over my malnourished body. In a nutshell, O’Quinn had made a disciple out of me and I will never hesitate to purchase any of their products. If you are looking to enhance your 2011 wardrobe, check out O’Quinn clothing, you won’t be disappointed. –Captain Hennessey

Zoo York. Photo: Eric Hess O'Quinn. Photo: Eric Hess Smith. Photo: Magical Magi