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Cassette Optics Yo! Sunglasses

Cassette Optics
The Yo! Sunglasses
Cassette Optics emerged in a time of economic recession and over-saturation in the action sports soft goods industry. However, even with the odds stacked against them, they’ve managed to get their sunglasses picked up by nine different skate or snow shops in Utah as well as shops in Colo., Idaho, Wyo. and Calif. The Yo! Sunglasses could be the secret to all their success. The bamboo arms allow me to be super light and agile when I’m parkouring around downtown Salt Lake, and they let people know that I care about the environment. The black gloss frames settle fashionably over my nose like a pair of Ray Bans, but without the steep price tag. The lenses are FDA-approved impact lenses and provide UV400 protection. If you’re still not sold on The Yo! Sunglasses, then head over to your local skate shop and put on a pair. You’ll see what I’m talking about.  –Chris Proctor

Copper Palate Press/John Andrews
John Stockton Box Cut-Out
There is an artist at the Copper Palate Press who likes the Utah Jazz almost as much as I do.  Sure, I don’t have the most extensive merchandise collection or a Jazz tattoo, yet.  I’m saving my chest for when they win a championship so I can get the roster that takes the trophy tattooed over my heart.  I understand that I may be waiting a while. While I’m desperately waiting for the beloved franchise to deliver me that parade I want so badly, I can kill some time by doing the little John Stockton craft thingy that the Copper Palate Press people made.  I’m not sure what to call the thing, but it’s like an origami project—kind of. Basically, you cut out John Stockton’s body parts with an x-acto knife and connect the slits to turn him into a little box. It was a great project for another lonely Saturday night and the little box Stockton looks great next to the life-sized portrait I have of the best white point guard ever. Copper Palate Press made a cut out of Angela Brown, too, but she doesn’t have 15,806 assists or 3,265 steals, so no one gives a shit. –Mike Brown

SuperHero Backup & Charger for iPhone
Personally speaking, I own an iPhone but no iMac, so I often see Windows and Apple having a technical pissing match for dominance while I update and back up my phone. There have been days when all my info vanished and I had to replace it on my hard drive. So for owners like me, this upright charging dock from Iomega is a slight savior. Download the free app, plug in your device and watch it save your contacts and photos. On the plus side, it requires no PC or Mac hookup: It’s a stand-alone device for storage purposes only, with no ads or malware. However, you can’t use your device in any capacity while it saves data, not even the alarm clock. It only works normally while charging. It also leaves the screen on the entire time, which is fine to watch its progress, but probably isn’t beneficial for the device itself. It’s a fine dock that charges quickly, but long wait times for big information (700 photos took 10 hours to completely save the first time) and failure to run in the background make the saving qualities more of a hassle than a convenience. –Spencer Ingham

The Walter Brewshoes
As of late, I have noticed that there are quite a few shoes that fit the needs of the beer drinker (e.g. bottle opener on the heel, flask in the sole or your favorite beer logo). The fact that all these come in the sissy form of flip-flops wrapped up in a Corona tee just doesn’t reach out to me or, I assume, the rest of the craft-drinking market. Enter the brewshoes: the shoe that is more suited for the beer drinker than the general consumer. As any heavy drinker knows, the best pair of shoes are ones that you can kick off when you pass out face down. These have that ease of slipping on, as well as a collapsable heel so you can avoid the dreadful need of having to bend over. Next, the material itself is made of water-resistant leather and finished off with a slip resistant out-sole that is patterned with beer bottles. This makes retracing your drunken steps all the more enjoyable in the morning. The sizing is true to spec, and they come in a number of colors, all designated by characters from The Big Lebowski. With that, these shoes are slip-on-able, spill-proof and traction-aiding footwear. If a beer drinker’s feet are not longing for a pair of these, I feel like I have not done my job. The brewshoe is available through, and a number of other retailers online, though we got them straight from Rogue. For more direct information, check out –Tyler Makmell

Uprock Headphones
A few weeks ago, I took a venture up to the Skullcandy offices in Park City and met up with a friend of mine who gave me a tour, and hooked me up with a few pairs of headphones. My favorite of the new headphones I received were a new style called the Uprock. They are definitely my new everyday-shred headphones. The sound bumps clean with the 40 mm drivers. These are by far some of the sturdiest headphones I’ve ever worn. They fit super snug on almost anyone’s head, and don’t feel floppy at all. The Uprock is also one of the sleekest pairs of headphones I’ve ever owned, as they have a slimmer appearance with simple logo placement at the bottom of the band. They come in ten different colorways and have a flat cable, so when you just huck your headphones in your back pack when you get to class, you won’t have to spend 20 minutes getting them untangled when you get them out on your way home. The only feature I wish would have been integrated into these would be a mic to make them compatible for answering calls from the homies while at the mountain shredding. But at a price point of 30 bucks, you can’t beat these. I definitely recommend swooping a pair up before the snow starts dumping. –Billy Ditzig

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