Product Reviews – September 2008

Haze 83
Much respect goes out to the newest type of ride out in the streets. The Freebord is exactly that. This skateboard-type device is exactly like a snowboard, but runs on cement instead. It has two customizable caster wheels that pivot side to side, as well as gigantic trucks on the outside of those that are used like the edges of a snowboard during a sweetly made slash through pow (technical gnar gnar term, meaning soft snow or powder). What a coincidence that Freebord is based out of San Francisco where there are hills everywhere, but no snow. So forget your $700 lift pass and move to San Francisco to get your swerve on. – Adam Dorobiala

Volcom Clothing
Button Fly Chinos
I awoke. Slowly my eyes focus. I take inventory: two shoes, one sock, torn off-white underwear, and Volcom Button Fly Chinos. These polyester/cotton blend pants are really comfortable. As soon as I put them on I want to skate in them. They come in all sorts of colors, plaids and stripes. As I ollied over the potholes in front of my eyes I wondered how pants so wonderful and comfortable could even exist. They’re just that good. – Brodie Sampson

5Boro Skateboards
Cinco Barrios Skateboard Deck
Let’s start by admitting I’m very biased in writing this review. 5boro is, in my opinion, one of the few successful “grass roots” skateboard companies out there. I’ve always liked 5boro and this board is no exception. This board has it all: nice, clean shape, just the right amount of concave and a great graphic. It’s a bit on the wide side, but still flips great too. I took this board for a spin in my neighborhood as soon as I set it up and had a great time. My dog loves this board almost as much as I do. – Sam Milianta