Flat Track Face Off: WRD Hot Wheleers vs. Salt Flat Fallouts 06.01

Posted June 13, 2013 in

Hot Wheelers vs. Salt Flat Fallouts. Photo: Jason Santti

Sometimes return grudge matches are the greatest thing since sliced cheese. The showdown of the night was between The Hot Wheelers and Wasatches newest team, the Salt Flat Fallouts, who had won in the last game between these two teams, causing the only loss for the Hot Wheelers to date this season and it was obvious that this was going to get dirty. Dirty in the best of ways, of course, the only way to be real during Pride weekend.

The bout started off with a power jam for Hot Wheelers with jammer Bunz Bunny taking lead jammer before first turn and Fallout jammer, Moon Raker, headed to the box on a high-block elbow penalty. After that it was penalty box tag––Bunz went out on a cut track, letting Moon back out, getting the first 4 points of the game for the Fallouts, until Bunz was out of the box and the jam ended.

As the first half continued, it seemed as if this was to be another repeat of the last game between these two teams. The Fallouts seeming to keep the lead in their favor, despite some amazing offensive plays by Hot Wheelers, jammers and blockers included. But as the time trickled down towards half time, the Hot Wheelers seemed to get a fire lit under them and started raking in point after point, resulting in the first lead change, ending the first half with Hot Wheelers leading 116-100.

The bout that night was for a cause. They were skating to support the Women’s Resource Center, an organization located at the University of Utah that serves as the central resource for education and support services for women. To learn more about them or for volunteer and donation opportunities, visit them here. Half time also featured the Rinceoiri Don Spraoi Irish dancers, who put on an absolutely fantastic performance. RDS is the oldest Irish dance school in Utah, and is also a non-profit organization. For more information, or to get involved, check out their site here.

Once the second half commenced, I’m not sure if it was just my desire of derby drama, or if something was actually happening, but there seemed to be continual tension between Fallout jammer Moon Raker and Hot Wheeler Harry Slaughter. They seemed to be constantly on the track jamming for their teams, Moon especially, which made me curious if they even had other jammers for a while. But as it progressed, there was finally some new jammers for Fallout out on the track, although Moon still made a regular appearance, making a lot of low scoring jams.

For the most part, the second half was slightly confusing, quite a few penalties, a few jams of just skating where nothing really happened, and a slight indescribable tension between the two teams. It turned out to be a nail-biting night. The Hot Wheelers gained back their home turf supremacy, ending the bout at a score of 218-177. Come see the ladies of Wasatch in their next bout on June 15 as they take on California's Ventura County Derby Darlins travel team, the Vendolls. For more information on Wasatch Roller Derby, check them out here. Check out more photos by Jason Santti here

Hot Wheelers vs. Salt Flat Fallouts. Photo: Jason Santti Hot Wheelers vs. Salt Flat Fallouts. Photo: Jason Santti Hot Wheelers vs. Salt Flat Fallouts. Photo: Jason Santti