Hilltop Aces vs. Sisters of No Mercy 08.28

Posted September 1, 2010 in

Photo: O'Durgy

This bout started off a little slow and tedious. The refs didn’t seem like they knew what they were doing and because of this there was a lot of down time between jams. It took awhile for the girls to get into a groove and both teams slowly scored points during the beginning of the first half. The Sisters controlled this part of the game. By the end of the tenth jam they were ahead by 22. Hera Ticked #46&2 of the Sisters scored eight of these points, despite getting knocked around a bit in her jam. While Ashes to Ashes #2012 of the Sisters scored 13 in one jam. Wreck and Glamour #8 of the Hilltop Aces ran into some trouble here. After falling behind the pack, she got up to catch the pack and was blocked by Beracooter #456 of the Sisters. She basically ran into her back instead of trying to get around and received a penalty. Players are not allowed to hit another player from behind, although Beracooter kind of set her up for it. Regardless, this easily allowed Ashes to Ashes to score while also frustrating the Aces.


In the eleventh jam though, Ashes to Ashes went to the penalty box and Sarin Gasp! #158 C of the Hilltop Aces scored seven points. The crowd loved this.  The Hilltop Aces fed off the crowd and collected points for the rest of the first half. In the second to last jam of the first half, Ashes to Ashes went to the penalty box again. Brew Ha Ha! #801, Alexa Rough#96 and Miss Mafiosa #444 of the Sisters did a great job of keeping Colonel Skirts #111 from breaking through the pack for a good amount of time. Unfortunately for them, Colonel Skirts eventually got through and scored ten points. This brought the score to 49 to 52 in favor of the Sisters with one jam remaining in the half.


The last jam was quick paced, the crowd was once again excited and D-Vine #31 scored four points for the Aces, putting them ahead right before the first half ended. At this point everyone understood it was a well-matched game and the second half had to be played well.


Apparently the Sisters wanted to show that they weren’t messing around, because Ashes to Ashes scored 15 points in the first jam of the second half. Sarin Gasp! obtained lead jammer status first, but also received a penalty. Ashes to Ashes took advantage of that easily. In the fifth jam, Miss Mafiosa blocked well for Ashes to Ashes and she easily obtained lead jammer status. Then three of the Hilltop Aces ended up in the penalty box, including their jammer Sarin Gasp!. Ashes to Ashes skated well and dodged the remaining players and scored another 14 points for the Sisters. At this point the Sisters were 27 points ahead. The Aces weren’t ready to give up though, because in the next jam Colonel Skirts scored nine points and in the jam after that Sarin Gasp! scored another 14 points. A couple jams after that Colonel Skirts scored another 14 points. Here the score was 99 to 92 in favor of the Aces. The two teams battled for points, but the last large scorer was Nyda the Dead #999 who had been slowly adding points to the score all night. The Aces almost caught up by the end, but fell short. The final score was 117 to 128 in favor of the Sisters of No Mercy. The Hilltop Aces were not able to sneak ahead like at the end of the first half, but they did a great job of trying.

Photo: O'Durgy Photo: O'Durgy