Hot Wheelers vs. Black Diamond Divas 02.09

Posted February 14, 2013 in

Hot Wheelers vs. Black Diamond Divas Photo: Jason O'Durgy

After a long, cold winter without many bouts to attend, the 2013 roller derby season began for Wasatch Roller Derby with a bout pitting home teams the Hot Wheelers and the Black Diamond Divas against each other.

With the first whistle, both teams proved they weren’t messing around during the off-season. Girls-in-red, the Hot Wheelers, racked up an impressive 24 points after three jams making sure to keep the Divas off their tails. Eventually though, after putting jammer Vishus Trollope on the track, the Divas were able to put points on the board and Hot Wheeler Lil N Gin took a beating trying to keep up with a fast-paced pack. However, with only two blockers from each team on the track, she couldn’t be stopped and managed to keep the Hot Wheelers ahead.

Midway through the first half hour, Diva’s captain Stache Bot had a power jam. With Bunz Bunny in the box, Stache racked up enough points to put the Divas in the lead. The Hot Wheelers wouldn’t go down without a fight, so they put out skilled blocker Colonel Skirts to jam. She gracefully moved through blockers, unable to be knocked down. Towards the end of her jam, Colonel stepped past opposing blockers, as if to say “Oh, were you trying to stop me?” In another jam, Colonel whipped out defensive jamming techniques, which can annoy the hell out of opposing jammers and cause so much frustration that points are easy to earn. This was proved when Veronica Tastrophe tried to call off the jam, but was unaware she hadn’t earned lead jammer status, realized she couldn’t call off the jam, and was swallowed back into the pack. Jammers Bruiser Ego and Vishus Trollope, however, remained unruffled and brought the Divas up to a 15-point lead, until Harry Slaughter of the Hot Wheelers took the line and Divas blocker The Instigator, who managed to keep Harry back, was sent to the penalty box. Harry swept past the pack and ended the first half with a score 86 to 83.

The first half was definitely intense to watch. While the Hot Wheelers kept the lead during most of the first half, the Divas maneuvered and managed their skates skillfully, slowly building up their points instead of racking them up immediately as you would see in an unevenly matched game. The girls are talented, and playing talent against talent winds up in nail-bitingly close jams.

After a halftime featuring Cheer Salt Lake, a local charity cheerleading group, the second half began with a segment I like to call “All the Butts, All the Hips.” Girls from both teams used their booties for the best blocking I’ve ever seen. The first jam sent Divas jammer Vishus Trollope to the box and she remained there for four more jams, allowing Hot Wheelers Harry Slaughter, Bunz Bunny and Ringo Scarr to widen the point gap. The Divas refused to stay down for too long, and once Vishus was released from the box, she passed the jammer star to pivot Skull Candi, a move not seen very often. Skull Candi and Vishus Trollope both managed to break the 100-point barrier, while their blockers kept the Hot Wheelers from earning any more. Due to an injury, Skull Candi was out for the rest of the game, and it was up to Vishus Trollope, Stache Bot and Bruiser Ego to bring the Divas up on the board. The Divas fought and remained tough, but when in doubt, Colonel Skirts will make it incredibly difficult for jammers to get by. The girls were getting tired, but the Divas made sure to keep the speed, attempting to keep the Hot Wheelers from earning more points.

The final jam of the night was the jam that derby dreams are made of. Divas Stache Bot lined up to jam, but was sent to the penalty box. Power jam for Veronica Scars! Veronica Scars gathered 5 more points for the Hot Wheelers before being sent to the penalty box. Typically, when sent to the penalty box, skaters want to hustle to begin their time. However, it was the last jam of the night, and Veronica had no problem taking her sweet ass time and bleeding out the clock. She eventually sat down, but Stache Bot was a little too eager and tried to leave early. She had to sit down again and Veronica was able to skate right back out and end the game with a score of 192 to 136 in favor of the Hot Wheelers. The next Wasatch Roller Derby bout will feature returning champs the Hot Wheelers against the newest home team, the Salt Flat Fallouts on March 9. Check out for upcoming bouts and events.

Hot Wheelers vs. Black Diamond Divas Photo: Jason O'Durgy Hot Wheelers vs. Black Diamond Divas Photo: Jason O'Durgy Hot Wheelers vs. Black Diamond Divas Photo: Jason O'Durgy Hot Wheelers vs. Black Diamond Divas Photo: Jason O'Durgy