Hot Wheelers vs. The Black Diamond Divas 08.27

Posted September 2, 2011 in

Wasatch Roller Derby

Obviously, the girls on the Wasatch Roller Derby Hot Wheleers and The Black Diamond Divas know each other well, and it showed in the play. The bout started at a very quick pace and the score took a long time to climb. The majority of the first half consisted of the teams scoring less than four points a jam––this is significant. Typically, there are two very common scenarios for scoring: The first is where the jammer on one team gets through the pack and obtains lead jam status. She then goes through the pack again on her scoring run and obtains four points, one for every blocker she passes on the other team. Then, if the other jammer is close to getting through the pack on her scoring run, the first jammer will call the jam to prevent the second jammer from scoring. The other scenario is where both jammers get through the pack at about the same pace, one will be lead jammer and the other will be on her heels. So, to prevent the non-lead jammer from scoring, the lead jammer will sacrifice scoring points for her team and call the jam off before either one of them pass through the pack on their scoring run. At this particular event, the jammers of both teams would get through the pack in the fashion of the second scenario. However, instead of calling the jam before getting to the pack, the lead jammer would pass as many skaters in the pack as she could before calling the jam. This meant that the lead jammer had to pay attention to when to call the jam off (right before the jammer from the other team entered the pack) while also paying attention to scoring and avoiding being hit. Both teams were good at this, and it obviously takes a great deal of communication to execute successfully. This was how the bout played out for 12 jams of the first half, then the Hot Wheelers took control. In eight jams, they scored 45 points before the end of the half, the Black Diamond Divas only scoring three. This really changed the direction of the bout, because the Divas struggled to make up the difference.

The Hot Wheelers played well in the first jam of the second half. The jammer of the Divas was in the penalty box, so the jam started out as a power jam for Skatey Gaga #6, the jammer for the Hot Wheelers. This meant that only the Hot Wheelers were eligible to score. Gaga went through the pack with ease, but not without opposition from the blockers of the Divas. During her scoring runs, she was hit hard by Smack and Deckher #1111. This sent her to the outside of the pack along the outside boundary on one skate. She recovered only to be hit by Fly Grrl Mel #333, who did not catch Gaga off guard and went flying herself. Gaga scored 20 points in the first jam alone and the Hot Wheelers continued to score significantly more than the Divas. In the sixteenth of 18 jams in the second half, the score was 143 to 51 in favor of the Hot Wheelers. With a loss in sight, the Divas pulled it together. They sent Alli3 Kitt3n #976 out to be their jammer, she played the majority of the game as both a jammer and blocker. In the last two jams she skated circles around the Hot Wheelers, scoring 13 points in the seventeenth jam and 25 points in the last jam. Bringing their score up 42 points made a difference, but obviously not enough to win. The Hot Wheelers won with a score of 149, beating the Black Diamond Divas who scored 89 points. It was an exciting way to end the bout!

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