Junction City’s Train Wrecks vs. Slaughterhouse Derby Girls’ Prime Cuts 06.25

Posted June 30, 2011 in

Photo: Benjamin Toland
The Prime Cuts of the Slaughterhouse Derby Girls traveled from Greeley, Colorado to challenge the girls of Junction City. Immediately after the bout started, Killa Patra #629 of the Junction City Train Wrecks scored 25 points and it seemed like the bout was over before it had really even started. The Prime Cuts did not seem like they let the initial large lead of Junction City discourage them. Both teams continued to score and obtain lead jam status fairly evenly throughout the rest of the first half. This allowed for a pretty competitive atmosphere to develop. Junction City scored in all but three jams in the first half. Only three of their jams provided over ten points, so the majority of the total score came from a small number of points in each jam. This strategy served well for them as they also prevented the Prime Cuts from scoring. Even though both teams obtained lead jam status about the same amount, the Prime Cuts didn't score any points in half of the jams. This was accomplished by Junction City effectively calling off the jam at the right time, while also scoring in jams that the Prime Cuts had control over. The end of the first half started to get rowdy with one particular jam. Killa Patra was up against Slim Slam Mayhem #187 of the Prime Cuts. It began with a power jam situation in favor of Killa Patra, who failed to get lead jam status. As Slim Slam re-entered the game, she received another penalty. This seemed like an advantage until Killa Patra also received a penalty, putting her off the track and Slim Slam back in the game with a power jam situation in her favor. She took advantage and scored 12 points for the Prime Cuts. The pack's pace picked up significantly in the next jam and so did Junction City's blocking. Short Stack #666 of the Prime Cuts found herself sandwiched in between Clam Jammer #212 and Stryker Dawn #707. She finally broke through the two Wrecks, just in time to meet a slam by Bad Karma Dharma #101. The same story continued in the next jam, but with Slim Slam struggling against Miss Take #11 and Vulgar Vixen #2323. The first half ended with a score of 73 to 103 in favor of Junction City.

The game dynamic changed a lot in the second half of the bout. The Prime Cuts continued to score around the same amount of points in the same amount of time, while Junction City scored about half as much. In the first five bouts, the Prime Cuts didn't score anything, but only allowed Junction City to gain eight points total. Following this, Play Chick'n Wit Me #52 landed herself in a power jam situation and scored 15 points for the Prime Cuts. This gain in points was not unnoticed by Junction City. These ladies started the next jam with their jammer, Wreck N' Glamour #8, in the penalty box. Junction City prevented Short Stack from obtaining lead jam status and prevented her from scoring all together. The next couple of jams continued without score from either team. The jammers took turns riding on each other's heels. The middle of the second half rolled around, and in one particular jam, neither jammer obtained lead jam status. This meant that neither team was in control of the jam and either team could have had an opportunity to score a lot of points. This jam became pretty chaotic and Junction City's jammer received a penalty for cutting the track. Play Chick'n Wit Me used this opportunity to score 18 points for the Prime Cuts. Junction City prevented the Prime Cuts from scoring until the last few jams of the bout. The girls from Greeley perservered at the end and gained enough points to end the bout at 126 to 136, still in favor of Junction City. Kudos to the Prime Cuts for making a come back, but Junction City's initial lead was too much for them to overcome.
Photo: Benjamin Toland Photo: Benjamin Toland Photo: Benjamin Toland Photo: Benjamin Toland