Roller Derby: Salt City Shakers vs. HVDD Molly Morbids 05.18

Posted May 22, 2013 in

Molly Morbids vs. Salt City Derby Girls. Photo: Sh00ter

To say I was excited for the season opener for the Salt City Derby Girls would have been a gross understatement. Now that the ladies finally have their official home at the Salt Palace (now known as the Salt City Derby Palace), I can only expect all the games I can stand this season.

The Salt City girls were taking on Spanish Fork’s Happy Valley Derby Darlins’ Molly Morbids. This was the Morbids first-ever banked track game and I was stoked to see how they’d do coming from flat track.

I don’t know if the Morbids felt they had something to prove that night but they certainly got their point across, and kicked ass while doing so. They started off the first quarter with fists flying, if you’ll excuse the expression, pushing hard, aggressive and quick plays, getting the first 12 points of the game within the first few jams. Salt City finally got on the board in Jam 4, although not many.

The first quarter definitely set the tone for the rest of the bout. Morbids were kicking ass and taking names, using good strategies, both offensive and defensive, while the Shakers just seemed slightly disorganized. They had no real structure to their plays, although they did have some really fantastic jams through the night, don’t get me wrong.

Apart from a few penalties with jammers sitting out, by the end of the first quarter, Morbids were ahead 46-17 and going strong.

Within the next 2 quarters, Salt City seemed to be trying to get back points and take the lead, only with slightly mixed results. Sister Satan and Smashley O’Hooligan, of the Shakers, tried their hardest to get out in front in their respective jams, both bringing in a decent amount of points, but never really closing the gap between themselves and the Morbids.

As in any derby game, there are injuries. Hip checks, elbows-accidental and on purpose, pushing and a whole slew of other penalties. And with banked track, you don’t worry about just falling down. There is the rail around the track and also the track itself. Since it is angled, you slide when you fall and can very easily take others with you, and there were plenty of hip checks and penalties during the bout.

Although every skater did amazing, two jammers, one from either team, really shined: Pain in the Nikki of Molly Morbids and Sister Satan of Salt City. These ladies seemed to be constantly on the track and jamming their skates off. Nicki was the high scorer of the night accruing 50 points in the whole game.

Even if this was their first bout on banked track, the Molly Morbids proved it definitely wasn’t their first winning bout. They were victorious at a score of 148-112.

All in all, I have mad respect for these ladies who get up on that track. Check out Salt City’s season line-up and extracurriculars here, and even though Spanish Fork is far away for most city dwellers, it’s worth it to see more Happy Valley Derby. Check here for their Facebook page for the newest updates. For more photos of the bout by Sh00ter click here.

Molly Morbids vs. Salt City Derby Girls. Photo: Sh00ter Molly Morbids vs. Salt City Derby Girls. Photo: Sh00ter Molly Morbids vs. Salt City Derby Girls. Photo: Sh00ter