SCDG League Championships

Posted October 20, 2010 in

Photo: Bill Frost


Saturday was the end of roller derby season for Salt City Derby Girls. The league championship game was played by Death Dealers and the Leave it to Cleavers. The Cleavers, who have been the league champs two years running, were looking to make league history with their third win. This was the closest Death Dealers have been to becoming league champs. They were dubbed “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  They were looking to upset the Cleavers’ dominance.


Death Dealers drew the first blood with Moonraker raking in the first 2 points.  Death Dealers’ Rollher Kitty was first out of the pack 2 out of the first 3 bouts, but was ineligible for lead jammer. She scored 8 points in the third jam with Leave it to Cleavers’ Contessa Danger scoring 7.  A few minutes in, China White (Cleavers) scored 4 points bringing the total score to Cleavers 15, Dealers 17. This is the closest the score would ever be. During the next jam Moonraker went on a 15-point jam spree, almost doubling the Death Dealers’ points. From here, Death Dealers continued their scoring runs.  Moonraker had another spree, bringing in another 20 points. Cleavers jammer, Muffin Splitter, had a hard time breaking through the Death Dealers tight defense. The next jam China White looked to regain the Cleavers image, screaming through the pack and past The Instigator with a vengeance. She claimed lead jammer and scored 4 points.  The first half ended with Leave it to Cleavers – 39 Death Dealers – 79.


Cleavers had their longest point spree when Dirty Pirate Hooker (who sadly was playing her last game with SCDG) scored 9 points half way through the second half, bringing the score to Cleavers – 60 Death Dealers 96. This was about as close as the Cleavers got to a comeback in the second half. But teams aren’t the same year to year so they didn’t have the same winning lineup as other years. Also the Leave it to Cleavers were plagued with injuries this season.  They kept trucking and giving it their best shot though. They earned lead jammer more times in the second half and some jams were called off because the Cleavers were right on the tail of the Dealers. What looked to be the final jam brought the score to Cleavers 77 Dealers 138. But with one second left on the clock, it was determined Dirty Pirate Hooker called a time out (refs had to sort it out). That single second made the difference in having one final jam.  Unfortunately it only helped the Dealers, who added 4 points to their final tally. The final score was Leave it to Cleavers 77 – Death Dealers 142. Moonraker was the highest scorer of the game, scoring close to half of the Death Dealers points. In the end, the Death Dealers just had better offense and defense, but all these women skated their hearts out. The crowd was the biggest of the season and ate up every minute that was pure derby at its best. Until next season ladies…


Photo: Bill Frost Photo: Bill Frost