Wasatch Roller Derby: Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers 02.18

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Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers Photo: O'Durgy

Ripped tights, fishnets and colorfully patterned legwarmers find a special home at a roller derby bout. Some color coordinate, others go for as loud and flamboyant an outfit as possible. I gained a new appreciation for these seemingly mandatory accoutrements as the skaters of both the Wasatch Roller Derby Hot Wheelers and the Black Diamond Divas did endless laps around the track, warming up for the coming bout at the Derby Depot. The gaudy dress wasn't just for players, as many members of the audience dressed up in fantastic outfits to cheer on their favorite players on their respective teams.

The first half started abruptly as Skatey Gaga took lead jammer position almost instantly for the Black Diamond Divas with Sarin Gasp! for the Hot Wheelers, not far behind. Unfortunately, Skatey Gaga called off the jam before any points could be scored for either team.

In a later jam, a big tumble in turn three ended with BDD player, Combat Baby, being severely injured and removed from the game. I do think people forget that derby is a full contact sport. This isn't your mother’s ‘70s-era derby. They see their fair share of sprains, breaks, fishnet burns and black eyes. They have a full medical team on hand for times such as these.

Even with a teammate out of the game and injured, Black Diamond Divas still looked and skated with a confidence to be rivaled. Bruiser Ego took jamming position again for BDD, but both Bruiser and Circumskate had to head to the penalty box as well, both on major penalties.

So far, in the game, we had seen quite a few penalties, time in the box and some major tussles! But, that is derby for you. If you wanted a calm and polite scene, this is not the place for you.

The Black Diamond Divas definitely showed their skill out on the track with amazing defense and offensive maneuvers. The seemingly impenitrable wall of black proved to be nearly impossible for the Hot Wheelers in their red outfits to get through.

By jam 11, the Black Diamond Divas were holding a slim lead at 12 to 11. Lead jammer, Bruiser Ego, shooting herself out of the pack, ran into some trouble with Gunnin' Geisha not wanting to let her pass. Drew Fairywhore tried to catch up to the pack and start scoring some points, but Bruiser Ego had already lapped the pack twice before ending the jam scoring a total of 23 points in a single jam, blowing off the doors of the Hot Wheelers and scoring as many points as they had accrued up to that moment.

As the bout continued, the Hot Wheelers seemed to be a little scattered. Their defense definitely left something to be desired as half time approached. Although they were skating hard, the pack was not as solid and left holes that the Black Diamond Divas took advantage of.

As halftime rolled around, the Black Diamond Divas were in a pretty comfortable lead at 52 to 27. For halftime entertainment, the Wasatch Junior Derby teams had a little bout match––literally the cutest derby match I have been fortunate enough to witness. From ages 6 to 16, these little munchkins are the future of derby.

The second half started off with a bang of aggression. Major skating as both team jammers were getting nasty. Medusa Damage fouled on Hot Wheeler Sweet Jane, sending her into the penalty box, blockers forcing their jammer to the front whilst trying to keep the opposing team jammer far behind.

Bruiser Ego, back from her 23-point streak, was in lead jammer position. She received a penalty before she could score any points, and spent time in the box, giving Hot Wheeler Drew Fairywhore a power jam. Drew found it difficult to get out of the pack, looking for help from her team, but not finding much. Jam 6 ended with Pandora Doom getting a hip check out of the pack by Skatey Gaga, achieving a few points to help out BDD.

At six minutes left of the bout, the score was 93 to 66, with Black Diamond Divas leading. Bruiser Ego was back on track, jamming and racking up 5 more points for her team. The Instigator, jamming next for BDD, got another 20-point jam, almost rivaling her teammate Bruiser in her earlier 23-point jam. Despite a last effort by Clam Jammer, the Hot Wheelers could not close the gap, leaving the Black Diamond Divas victorious at 121 to 80.

The next Wasatch Roller Derby home game is on March 10 at the Derby Depot, featuring the Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers once again. Check out more photos of the match by O'Durgy here.

Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers Photo: O'Durgy Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers Photo: O'Durgy Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers Photo: O'Durgy Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers Photo: O'Durgy