Wastach Roller Derby’s Midnight Terror vs. The FoCo Micro Bruisers

Posted June 16, 2010 in

Photo by O'Durgy

The girls from Wasatch Roller Derby’s Midnight Terror stepped onto the track early, obviously prepared for their bout against the Micro Bruisers of Fort Collins, Colorado. The Micro Bruisers had just woken up from their defeat against the Salt City Shakers the night before and seemed to be making some last minute adjustments before the bout began. The second whistle blew, all the girls were in motion and then after a couple moments Queen Anne’s Revenge #1717 had already scored four points and ended the jam. The Micro Bruisers were ready to fight despite the pace that had just been set, because in the next jam both jammers took each other out around a corner to obtain lead jam status. The bout continued this way, with both teams battling for points. Unfortunately, just like the opening scenario, the Micro Bruisers just weren’t prepared enough and their last minute adjustments didn’t suffice.

The Micro Bruisers finally scored their first 12 points in the third jam, which would have been awesome if Midnight Terror hadn’t also scored points, 16 more points. The Wasatch girls had the lead from the beginning and kept it through the entire game. At mid bout the score was 90 to 46 in favor of Midnight Terror. They had three solid jammers, all of which scored a good amount of points for their team. Queen Anne’s Revenge #1717 had over 75 points by the end of the bout, Honey Delunatic #3 had around 50, and Ali3 Kitt3n #976 had about 35 points. This may have been the big difference between the two teams. The Micro Bruisers only had one main jammer scoring, Finkzilla #51. At the end of the bout she had about 30 points to her name. The ladies from FoCo just couldn’t score, and it seemed like they tried to take a more defensive outlook on the game. Their main jammer, Finkzilla #51, was put in as a blocker toward the end instead of jamming. She was doing her best to maneuver and block the jammers of Midnight Terror from getting past. Blocking with force wasn’t working, so she attempted to guard the front of the pack instead. This gave Midnight Terror a little bit of trouble, but not enough to prevent any major point scoring.

For some reason it seemed like the ladies from Midnight Terror kept landing themselves in the penalty box more often than the Micro Bruisers. A couple times in the bout two of the Midnight Terror blockers were out. This only put two blockers in for Midnight Terror and that made it really easy for the Bruisers to get their jammers through the pack and eventually score. To try and prevent this, the Terror jammers sprinted at the whistle to get ahead of the Bruiser jammers. Then the Terror jammers skated in front of the Bruiser jammers but behind the pack and blocked the Micro Bruiser jammers from getting to her teammates who could help them. Ali3 Kitt3n #976 prevented Demolition Doll #187 from getting to the pack for nearly two trips around the track. This took up time and Demolition Doll only scored 4 points that jam. Midnight Terror obviously had a strategy for most any bad scenario they might have landed themselves in. They were prepared and that made all the difference for them.

The FoCo Girls did their best with what they had. They switched up how they played the game several times in an attempt to stop Midnight Terror. They also didn’t seem discouraged at the end. All they needed was more communication and practice. Midnight Terror on the other hand definitely communicated well. Their blockers were very accurate at attempting to move the other team’s blockers to one side of the track or the other, but not both. They were also very aware of what both jammers were doing. Midnight Terror more than doubled their points in the second half, while the Micro Bruisers only earned half as many points by the end. The bout ended with a score of 189 points for Midnight Terror and a score of 68 for the Micro Bruisers.


Photo by O'Durgy