WRD: Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers 06.09

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WRD: Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers. Photo: O'Durgy

The camaraderie that is seen at a derby game is something indescribably awesome. The skaters, the refs and the other teams who came out to cheer others on, mingle with the crowd and each other. Everyone is here because of a deep love of women (or men, can’t forget the hunks on the Uinta Madness team) on skates. It’s an absolutely fantastic environment to be a part of.

Alright, enough of the sappy shit for now. As the first jam between the Black Diamond Divas and Hot Wheelers started, it seemed that tempers were already hot. Bunz Bunny of the Divas jammed against Hot Wheelers’ Vishous Trollop. Diva players and fans were not happy about the pretty instant 15-point lead that Vishous brought in. Nor were they happy about the continual lead the Hot Wheelers had up to Jam 15, where the Divas finally regained the lead, only to have Penny Slain, of HW, take it back with a 19-point jam, ending the first half with Hot Wheelers leading 78 to 53.

Half time was split between two events. The first was our own men’s roller derby team, Uinta Madness, playing a mini game, green shirts vs. white with white being victorious at a score of 28 to 7. The second was a spotlight for Humanities In Focus, a charity that exposes low-income individuals to a college-level humanities course. Learn more about them on their Facebook.

The second half started off much like the first, with red and black fighting for dominance. The second half was also pretty full of penalties, both sides getting called on no pass and cutting track, many players spending time in the box.

As the second half was winding to a close, the bout clock inching ever closer to an end, war waged on the track. The Divas fought to get back as many points as possible and the Hot Wheelers made it almost impossible to do so.

At the end of the night, the previously undefeated Black Diamond Divas tasted their first loss to the hands (or skates) of the Hot Wheelers at a score of 140 to 107. Come see more fun skating shenanigans at the Derby Depot on July 14 at 10 a.m. for their skating extravaganza: Skater clinics, scrimmages, contests, BBQ and a premiere of the documentary Derby Baby.

Check out more photos from the bout by O'Durgy here.

WRD: Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers. Photo: O'Durgy WRD: Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers. Photo: O'Durgy WRD: Black Diamond Divas vs. Hot Wheelers. Photo: O'Durgy