WRD: Midnight Terror vs. Pikes Peak Derby Dames 04.28

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WRD: Midnight Terror vs. Pikes Peak Derby Dames. Photo: O'Durgy

As I walked into the Derby Depot Saturday night, the general vibe was tense. Wasatch Roller Derby’s Midnight Terror and Colorado’s Pikes Peak were warming up on the track, and it felt like shit was going to go down.

When the whistle blew for the start of the game, both teams slammed into each other, in a quest for domination. Unfortunately for Pikes Peak, Midnight Terror grabbed the first 15 points of the game in the first few jams. Pikes Peak finally got three points on the scoreboard in the seventh jam. The aggression on the track, even that early in the game, was palpable. Hits were flying left and right, which meant that the penalty box saw plenty of action.

By jam 12, both teams were getting downright vicious. Multiple calls of breaking pack and cutting the track ended with players from both Midnight Terror and Pikes Peak in the box, sometimes leaving only two blockers out on the track to deal with everything.

By half time, Midnight Terror was in the lead with a score of 87-50.

The second half started off with a crazy twist. Ali Kitt3n of Midnight Terror got lead jammer position, partially because the jammer for Pikes Peak, Pepper Slay’s skate broke, causing her to leave the jam early to fix it. Without Pepper, Ali was in a power jam situation, and she racked up her team's score into the triple digits.

The amount of timeouts during the last half of the bout probably equated to at least 30 minutes, to the crowd’s dismay. Unfortunately, to keep the game fair, the timeouts were needed to make sure that all penalties that accrued were accounted for, and those who were on the track deserved to be there. But it did not make it less shitty.

With less than eight minutes left of the game, Midnight Terror’s Fly Grrl Mel was ejected from the game on a call of too many penalties, but her team was undaunted. They maintained a comfortable lead at a score of 159-117 by jam 14.

Within the last few jams, both teams were out for blood. Hit after hit and block after block, Pikes Peak were trying everything they could to gather as many points as they could. It wasn’t enough though, as even in the last bout of the game, jammer for the Terrors, Moon Raker, raked in a grand slam of 10 points adding to their lead, ending the bout at an unofficial score of 183-143. Later, after the refs and officials deliberated, the official score was Midnight Terror 183 to Pikes Peak 148.

Join Wasatch Roller Derby on May 12 for their Picnic Scrimmage, happening at the lovely Derby Depot at 2 p.m. Come for the fun, stay for the derby.

Check out more photos from the bout by O'Durgy here.

WRD: Midnight Terror vs. Pikes Peak Derby Dames. Photo: O'Durgy WRD: Midnight Terror vs. Pikes Peak Derby Dames. Photo: O'Durgy WRD: Midnight Terror vs. Pikes Peak Derby Dames. Photo: O'Durgy