WRD: Salt Flat Fallouts vs. Black Diamond Divas 06.29

Posted July 3, 2013 in

Salt Flat Fallouts vs. Black Diamond Divas. Photo: Jason Santti

Even when I arrive early at the Derby Depot and end up having to park on the far side of the warehouse that houses it, I know it’s going to be utterly packed. Of course, I was right. It was practically standing room only, with the 18 and older “suicide” or trackside seating completely filled. I was infinitely grateful to the floor of the Derby Depot, though, as its fantastically cool concrete was an indescribable relief to my toasty tush from the blazing heat we had last Saturday.

As the last and final actual seats were claimed before the start of the bout, the anticipation started becoming tangible. The headliner of the night was a showdown between Wasatch’s Salt Flat Fallouts and the Black Diamond Divas, in their last home game before the championship bout, so to say the least, I felt it was going to be a bloody (hopefully only figuratively) free-for-all to find out who truly was going to be the top dog this season.

The first half started off with a fast, four-point jam for the Fallouts, courtesy of their seemingly favorite jammer, Moon Raker. But the Divas retaliated and Smack and Deckher quickly scored their first 8 points in the next jam and also the first lead change. The Divas continued and increased their lead position as the game went on, but not without some penalties (shocker, right?) and attempts from the Fallouts to gain supremacy. In one such instance, having gained lead jammer position, Moon Raker attempted to jump the apex of the track to get in front of the pack, but unfortunately did not land properly and tried to call off the jam from the ground. In doing so, she had incurred some sort of cut track/no pass rule where she did not get her points she would have scored if she had gotten up and then called the jam off.

With the first half starting to quickly trickle down, and Fallouts slowly closing the score gap, it was kind of surprising to me how there had been no power jam situations yet, but of course, as I thought this, the next jam was a power jam for the Fallouts with Moon once again jamming for them and obtaining lead jammer position. She snuck by Divas’ blocker, The Instigator, with, in my opinion, a massive shit-eating grin, because The Instigator is one badass player and I personally wouldn’t even dream of tangling with her, even if I had an entire box of Wheaties that morning. Moon Raker managed to change the lead into Fallouts’ favor during that jam, scoring a whole 25 points.

It seemed halftime arrived much too quickly with the score at 55 for Divas and 83 for the Fallouts. Wasatch Community Gardens was the halftime highlight. They provide community garden programs, workshops and events all over the valley. To read more about them and their volunteer opportunities, visit them at wasatchgardens.org.

I’m not sure if the Divas and Fallouts drank some souped-up Gatorade or something, but the second half started hard and vicious and stayed that way. Offence, defence, penalties, blocks (good and bad), you name it, it happened. It was getting downright nasty. In the seventh jam of the second half, Diva jammer T-Reckless broke out of the pack almost instantly, becoming lead jammer, with her blockers doing an utterly fantastic job of keeping Fallout jammer Nike A GoGo from escaping the pack. Fallout blockers retaliated by pushing a fellow Fallout into T-Reckless to try and knock her out of play. Naturally, this made the rest of the Divas highly pissed off, and Instigator was called out on a retaliation penalty. Even that didn’t stop T-Reckless from scoring 15 points.

The bout continued, both teams hitting hard, blocking even harder, and giving us spectators an entirely kick-ass game to watch. As the end crept closer and closer, it seemed like the Divas were going to make a comeback, Vishus Trollope, Smack and Deckher and T-Reckless both bringing in high scoring jams, with Fallouts trying their hardest to keep them contained. They needn’t have bothered. The Salt Flat Fallouts claimed victory in the flat track face off between themselves and the Black Diamond Divas, at a score of 180-122. As this was the preliminary to the championship, these ladies of Wasastch Roller Derby won’t be back home until August, when the Bonneville Bone Crushers take on Happy Valley’s Molly Morbids on the August 17. To stay up to date on all things Wasatch, visit their website or find them on their Facebook page. Check out more photos by Jason Santti here

Salt Flat Fallouts vs. Black Diamond Divas. Photo: Jason Santti Salt Flat Fallouts vs. Black Diamond Divas. Photo: Jason Santti Salt Flat Fallouts vs. Black Diamond Divas. Photo: Jason Santti Salt Flat Fallouts vs. Black Diamond Divas. Photo: Jason Santti