Afrojack @ Park City Live 01.20 with Warren Peace

Posted January 24, 2013 in

Afrojack @ Park City Live. Photo: Invision

It wasn’t your typical Sunday night in Utah. Sundance had begun once again here in the Beehive State. Whether it’s the opportunity to spot your favorite star or see a movie, Sundance seems to have everything and more, especially when it comes to the parties. The parties during Sundance are magical, especially the ones at Park City Live. The venue, formerly known as Harry O’s, knows how to throw a good fiesta, and tonight was no exception. Park City Live was something else at first glance when I walked in: lasers, LED walls and hot-ass go-gos—oh my! The place was completely packed—just getting to the bathroom took me 15 minutes, which was further proof the party was sold out.

On this sabbath evening, Park City Live would have the one and only Afrojack grace the stage and DJ the audience into ecstasy—I was excited, to say the least. His “Afrojack Music” as the Dutchman likes to call it, has sold millions of records all over the world and even won a Grammy last year. So, to have him back at Sundance playing at Park City Live was necessary to really start the festival off right. Before he graced the crowd with his presence, XS Las Vegas resident DJ Warren Peace warmed up the crowd first.

Warren Peace is a DJ who hails from Las Vegas and has been in the music scene since 1998. His love for music was evident during his set—he smiled and fist-pumped throughout its entirety! The energy he showed onstage transcended his set, and he turned Park City Live into a Vegas nightclub. I was out of breath 20 minutes in, but couldn’t bring myself to move—he kept me on the dance floor during his entire set! Classics like Eric Prydz’s “Proper Education” and Steve Aoki’s remix of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” brought the party to a whole n’other level! Warren Peace’s transitions were raunchy, yet seamless. His music selection was on point the whole night. I don’t know what it is, but I will never get sick of The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside,” and I believe the rest of the crowd would agree, since everyone started belting out the lyrics when Warren Peace dropped a sick remix of it that I’m still looking for. It was a great way to start what was sure to be a promising evening.

When Warren Peace got off stage, my friends and I took the opportunity to head towards the entrance of Park City Live by coat check since I was feeling the heat alongside the crowd. All of a sudden, I heard music: It sounded like five to seven tracks in one, but they had been compiled perfectly to aid a three-minute countdown that everyone could follow by looking behind the DJ table. The music was a collage of Afrojack’s most popular singles like “No Beef,” “Take Over Control“ and “A Mstrdamn,” just to name a few. After the three-minute countdown was over, Afrojack appeared onstage, gold confetti was released, and then the mayhem ensued! His set was solid, from a sick remix of PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” to his popular “Polkadots” track. He blew my mind away and then some. When he went from a rendition of Trinidad James’ track, “All Gold Everything,” into a remix of Calvin Harris’s “Tonight” feat. Ne-yo, the transition was flawless, and he didn’t lose a beat!

Afrojack was so good he inspired nine champagne showers. Patrons bought bottles of Moet with only the intention of pouring the champagne over their friends and the entire crowd. It began around 30 minutes into his set and didn’t stop till he did because, well, the show was over. So, for about an hour and a half, there was just a parade of champagne in the air. It was kind of of beautiful, but after a while started to smell. By the end of his set, Park City Live stunk of sweat and Moet. It was a weird mix, but it didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. It was definitely a night I won’t ever forget.

Afrojack @ Park City Live. Photo: Invision Warren Peace opening for Afrojack @ Park City Live. Photo: Invision Afrojack @ Park City Live. Photo: Invision Crowd for Afrojack @ Park City Live. Photo: Invision