Frightened Rabbit @ The Urban Lounge

Posted October 13, 2009 in

Frightened Rabbit
The Urban Lounge
with The Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks

It's not too often that us Utah folks get a good taste of live Scottish rock. Sure, The Proclaimers reared their ugly heads recently to the delight of many boring 30-something women. But while those dumb whores were cumming in their pants to the Reid brothers walking another 500 miles (worst fucking song ever), those of us in the know were dancing our pants off to not just one, but three bands hailing from the heart of Scotland. This show took place at everyone's favorite bar full of trashy Kurt Cobain lookalikes, and boy, were they ever in full swing that night. Who had time to worry about the plaid-brigade that night? I had been waiting months to see all three of those bands, and I would've been God damned if I were to not enjoy them due to some little bearded shitpiles.

The night started off with a delectably heavy set by We Were Promised Jetpacks, who only just recently released their first full-length album. It seemed like most of the crowd hadn't heard of them and, therefore, just wasn't that interested. This was really a shame, seeing as the guys absolutely blew the fucking roof off of the lounge more than any other opener I've seen in recent memory.

The Twilight Sad followed up with the second act of the night. These guys had an incredibly clean and tight-knit performance, which gave a good contrast to We Were Promised Jetpacks' reverb-heavy tunes. James Graham's vocals were incredible as expected, always full of sorrow and dark remorse. Midway through their set, I took a breather outside on Urban's smoking porch. Of course, I ran into some chick that I had dated a few months back, who just hated “whoever that first band was.” Bitch. I smiled at her and the doucher that was clinging to her arm (who just so happened to have a 'stache and flannel shirt). No time to waste on a night like this.

Just as everyone had expected, Frightened Rabbit ended the night with yet another amazing performance.  Their stage presence was spot on as they played a near-90 minute set. Everyone in the crowd seemed to know every word as they happily sang along to every song. It was good to finally see the crowd into the performers, and believe me, these guys deserved all of the attention they got. There was a noticeable lack of dancing, but I didn't expect much groovin' out of a crowd like that. The band seemed to enjoy themselves, too. They talked up Salt Lake, and casually mentioned that they would definitely be returning in the future.

Other than the slightly apathetic crowd, this was an incredible night full of three awesome bands from Scotland. If you haven't heard of any one of these guys, check 'em all out online. They've all got fancy MySpace pages, along with a whole slew of live shows up on YouTube (God bless the Internet). They all proved that they can put on amazing live sets, so don't pass up your next chance to see any of them live. You really won't regret it.