Man Overboard, The Story So Far @ Club Sound 03.22 with Tonight Alive, Citizen

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Man Overboard

This past Friday, March 22, Club Sound was a packed house as they hosted the Suppy Nation Tour featuring Citizen, Tonight Alive and co-headliners The Story So Far and Man Overboard. This all-ages show was packed to the walls with pop-punk heads, leaving the smell of body odor and high school teen angst lingering heavily in the air. While Citizen showed their pop-punk/indie talents and Tonight Alive lit up the stage with an explosive performance, the crowd was definitely most excited for the Bay Area–based guys from The Story So Far. The place was turned upside down as bodies were flying offstage and the straight edgers held down the mosh pit. Gang vocals were screamed loud enough to hear from the Gateway during songs like “Mt. Diablo” and “Daughters,” where the band talks of the lack of self respect in people they saw during their short-lived years away at college. Besides frontman Parker Cannon, the band seemed to lack stage presence, looking almost bored, even with kids flying in all directions off the stage and screaming their hearts out to the lyrics.

My girlfriend and I watched from the comfort of the cool-aired back bar with the other five people old enough to drink and waited for New Jersey–based Man Overboard to take the stage and close out the night. The crowd was still feisty during the early songs in Man Overboard’s set with a couple of teenage ruckuses starting in the “pit,” causing Man Overboard to stop their set and remind everyone that fighting is not cool, especially when they “sing about girls!” as bassist and lead vocalist Nik Bruzzese said. With song titles like “I Like You” and “Fantasy Girl,” I can’t really understand where all of the aggression was coming from. Also, with influences from bands like Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182 and Saves the Day, it is not surprising that this pop-punk quintet doesn’t give off the fighting vibe, besides their slogan of “Defend Pop-Punk.” Once everyone calmed down and realized where they were, the energy of the band and catchiness of their lyrics seemed to overtake the night and get everyone up and on their feet. I also took matters into my own hands a bit and decided to try to do a pile on during “Rare,” a song with fast-paced verses and a catchy half count chorus talking about leaving behind one that you love. This bright idea resulted in a short-lived crowd surf and an eventual drop onstage at the feet of the band. This was a pretty understandable outcome given the circumstances. With some humor from the band between songs and a grant of everyone’s wishes of “one more song,” Man Overboard played an amazing set.

The highlight of my night was probably when Nik hoped everyone in the crowd had an amazing night, besides the “dickheads” trying to start an xhardxcorex mosh pit in the middle. These guys had spent a better part of the night acting like the hard-asses they so badly want to be perceived as and knocking into 14-year-old girls with their totally radical mosh moves. It is at times like these when I am glad someone can stand up from a band and call out the few guys that are making an otherwise amazing night kind of shitty for some people. Besides some hormonal outbursts, the set went off without a hitch and Man Overboard wrapped up the Suppy Nation Tour in Salt Lake. Though I still have no idea what “Suppy” means, the show was a blast. You can check out the bands online: Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Tonight Alive and Citizens. Links to Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams, Myfaces and Spacebooks can also be found on all of these sites, so go online and check them out!

Man Overboard