Sage Francis and B. Dolan at Urban Lounge on 05.26

Posted June 25, 2010 in

Urban Lounge can get interesting from time to time. Sage Francis and B. Dolan came through and (I guess) brought some crusty, hippie, anarchist types with em. After having Sage’s new CD on blast for a good two weeks in my car, I was worried I had overkilled it so close to a show. When I arrived there were a decent number of people in line. I was lucky enough to be taken through the Urban Lounge entrance process, and in to the show right in time to see my man B. Dolan. I have never seen B. Dolan in person before, and I have to say I was impressed; this dude looks like the guy who used to make sandwiches a few blocks away in my old neighborhood. That being said, B. Dolan was a butcher on the mic. During his set I actually learned things. First I learned another good slang term from white people, “Earthmovers,” and I learned that Jesus and Marvin Gaye have many things in common; one of them being their fathers killed them. “Earthmovers” is not only a great slang name for white people, it’s a dope song from B. with a lot of meaning packed behind it. Same case goes for “Joan Of Arcadia” another powerful song to watch out for. Being a big ol’boy, B. Dolan’s larger than life stage presence matches his stature. Getting to see B.Dolan switch into his signature Evel Knievel persona and risk the life of a concert attendee by performing a death defying leap of faith over them, is something I know I could get used to seeing at more shows.

Near the end of B.Dolan’s set I noticed a personal concert favorite, the “shirtless, wife-beater tucked in his back pocket, fresh to death tat of what was supposed to be grim reaper leaping at said body, but really looked like an elderly woman slipping and falling on ice” guy was there with his trophy chick. Getting to see such a culturally diverse set of concert-goers made for a quick and easy in-between sets. Having such a diverse audience makes going to shows in the SLC interesting, it’s something I feel is over looked at hip hop shows in the area.

Before I knew it a whole bands rolled on stage for Sage Francis’ set. It’s always exciting to hear live instruments warming up and the potential for energy was there. After a two week stint of straight play, I needed to hear Francis ramped up a bit, to keep from overkill. “Sea Life” is what really picked the crowd up. Around the time “Broken Wings” by 1985 was being brought out it was a content crowd. The real bangers of his set were “Little Houdini” and “ London Bridge”. As the show started to reach the end, I began to plan my exit strategy, but then I heard Sage Francis pull the band-aid off as fast as possible. “Thank you for coming out, this is looking like it may be my last tour. It’s time I go home.” This was something that sent may mixed emotions through me. As sad as I may be see a true hip hop act put a potential end to his road career, I was more excited to be able to see my last Sage Francis in the SLC area. It just felt right.