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Two Gallants
Kilby Court

I first became aware of Two Gallants because I was blessed enough to have their last album, What The Toll Tells, put in my box for a review right before it was released. Thank the heavens above for my involvement with SLUG Mag and that glorious day when whomever was inspired to put their CD in my box, for I soon became indoctrinated by their infectious brand of alt-country/indie/rock or whatever it may be more appropriately labeled, if a distinct label is even possible.

Song For Moms
and Blitzen Trapper, who opened this show, were not terribly exciting, though were a decent fit and rounded out the three-band bill well enough to get those in attendance hyped up and ready to be graced by Two Gallants. 

The second Blitzen Trapper finished their set and began to take down their equipment is when I established my viewing spot right behind the monitors, front and center. I missed a Two Gallants show about a year or so ago because I was sick and vowed that I would not miss their next headlining date here in the city of Salt. As I stood, waiting, the crowd began to pile up behind and all around me, also prepping for the best possible vantage point for the performance.

When Adam Brinkman Stephans Fontaine (throat, guitar, mouth harp) and Tyson Dillingham Corvidae (drums, voice, percussion), who make up the whole of Two Gallants, finished setting up they began their set ever so subtly and without any warning. As Corvidae began some light percussion on the drums, the feeling of anticipation began to mount. Before long, Fontaine and Corvidae were at full throttle and from then on, never let up. Fontaine and Corvidae, who have released two albums thus far on Conor Oberst’s label, Saddle Creek Records, played a well-rounded mix, including many new tracks from their upcoming self-titled release, slated to hit stores on Sept. 25 in North America.

Fontaine’s guitar, mouth harp and especially his vocals were piercingly powerful and honest. As he played his instruments and sang, his body shook and vibrated with intensity. Meanwhile, Corvidae played the drums and lent his voice occasionally with the ferocity of an army - just watching his exertion on the drums made my body sore. As the two played song after song, some slow, some mid-paced, while others a bit faster and heart-thumping, it became apparent to me that a Two Gallants show was no regular concert experience. I was not only impressed by the quality and sincerity of their live set, but almost felt reverenced by what I was witnessing. By the time Fontaine belted out “Well I spent last night in Las Cruces jail,” from the song Las Cruces Jail, in his signature raspy, razor-like throat of a voice, the crowd-packed, shoulder to shoulder - was in a complete frenzy and sang each and every word with fists pumping to the beat. The show was concluded with the nine-plus minute ballad, Waves of Grain of which the audience sang just as much or more of than Fontaine himself.

One thing is sure; these two gallants have a bright future ahead of them and given the right exposure will become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Though whether they grace the skies of commercial music or not, is not important. Their sound, which is as full as most five-piece bands, will propel them and their immense talent forward and their fan base will undoubtedly continue to grow to epic and uncontrollable proportions.

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