Cruise Control: SPRING BREAK!

Do you remember the episode of the Simpson’s where Bart gets a fake I.D.? Bart, Millhouse, Nelson and Martin then proceed to rent a car and drive to the World’s Fair in Louisville, Kentucky. Several times during the episode Millhouse can be heard yelling, “SPRING BREAK!!!” Basically, that episode was the theme of my weekend. I found myself repeatedly yelling “Spring Break!” as I drove through Utah. I wasn’t heading for the World’s Fair, but rather Southern Utah. You might have heard of Southern Utah. Your roommate probably drove through it to get to Vegas once. Right before you enter Arizona (which you have to pass through to get to Nevada), there’ s a place called St. George. St. George is to Utah what Ft. Lauderdale is to Florida. It’s where the snowbirds go to escape the cold weather. It’s been fuckin’ cold in Salt Lake this winter and I wanted to get out and skate. Unfortunately, I had to wait until it stopped snowing to drive there because I hate driving in the snow. Italians and wet weather don’t seem to mix.

St. George is home to a decent city-run skatepark and an even better skater-made skatepark. The skaters in St. George have made a great little spot that is kind of a dagger, locals-only shit. I’m sure if you show up with the right dudes you could skate there, but I’m not telling where it is. Generally, I don’t care about “spot rape,” but this spot has already had its fair share of graffiti from non-skate friendly types (the kind not allowed at the South Jordan park, if you get my drift). So, for now it’s a secret. This type of spot generally lends it self to all-day sessions and tends to trap skaters. My time there was no exception, as we spent most of the day there. We sessioned the flat gap/ledge combo most of the day. The steep bank also saw it’s fair share of grind/slide/jib/whatevs.

We did manage to make it to a real spot before the day was over. We went to a loading dock gap over a rail. The ground at this spot was rough, but it seemed as if the landing had been repaved, as if they were expecting us. Also mysterious was how the rain seemed to avoid us. We could see the clouds looming around the city, and drove through rain a few times, but there always seemed to be a break in the clouds wherever we were skating. A few things went down at this spot and the clouds and wind seemed to stay at bay just for us.

Finally, we went to a new spot that had a load of big stuff. Boards were broken and bodies were beaten so we looked at the spot and then left. I’m sure you’ll see photos and videos of this spot in the future but for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it. The bust factor at this spot is high (think “church history”) but for now I’m not spoiling it.

Anyway, this was my early spring break. Enjoy the photos, they’ll tell you more about what went down than I can. Luckily my trip didn’t end like that ill-fated episode of the Simpsons, unlike the world fair, the spots and skating are still there.