Dew Tour: Fabrizio Santos

Posted September 18, 2009 in

SLUG: How many years have you been apart of the Dew Tour?
Fabrizio Santos: I have been in all the Dew Tours. I did well in some of them.
SLUG: Many skaters seem to hate contests and never skate in them. Do you feel that contests are a necessary part of a professional career? What do you think it is that pushes so many skates away from contests?
FS: Yes it is necessary. Contests help you with image. Lots professionals don’t really care about contests and some of them love to be there.

SLUG: How does the Dew Tour compare and differ from other major skate contests like the Maloof Cup or Tampa Pro? How do you feel about the Dew Tour overall?
FS: Each contest is different; Maloof Money Cup amd Tampa Pro are good contests, no questions about that. Dew Tours are special. It is special because it is five contests, each in a different city.

SLUG: What is your favorite stop on the tour and why?
FS: It’s really hard to say what my favorite stop, because I love all the stops. All the stops are different.

SLUG: How do you feel about the Salt Lake City stop?
FS: I love Salt Lake City, and having a stop here is even better. For me it is not bad at all.

: Do you get a chance to skate any street when you travel from city to city?
FS: Yes, when I don’t get too tired from the contest.

SLUG: What’s your favorite thing about SLC?
FS: The city. Like I say, I love Salt Lake City.

SLUG: Which do you find more exhilarating and productive, traveling on a skate/demo tour or traveling on a contest tour?
FS: Traveling on a skate tour to do a demo. I like that better because there's no pressure. When you go to the contest you got to be focused, you go to have a plan what you are going to do at the contest. Demos are more chill you don’t have to plan, just go skate without pressure.

SLUG: On average how many contests do you enter each year? Do your sponsors and team managers put pressure on you to enter certain contests?
FS: I try to go to all contests. I’m the one who talks to the sponsors and tells them I want go to these contests. There is not pressure at all.

SLUG: What has been your favorite contest of all time?
FS: Dew Tour.

SLUG: Where is your all time favorite place to skate?
FS: Aracaju, Sergipe in Brazil.

SLUG: Are there any other words you would like to shout out to the skate world?
FS: All the skaters over there, keep skating. Don’t let any one kill your dream. Keep skating.