Dew Tour: Pierre Luc Gagnon

Posted September 17, 2009 in

I'll give you a dollar if you can even spin a seven on you trampoline let alone a vert ramp. PLG 720

SLUG: How many years have you been a part of the Dew Tour?
Pierre Luc Gagnon: Since it started

SLUG: How have you done in the past?
PLG: Dew Cup champion for skate vert last year.    

SLUG: Many skaters seem to hate contests and never skate in them. Do you feel that contests are a necessary part of a professional career? What do you think it is that pushes so many skates away from contests?
PLG: Skateboarding is an artform and it’s about being original, unique and doing your own thing. It’s not about competing with other people—It’s about being original. Two completely different tricks can be extremely good and it’s hard to judge what can be better. But as a vert skater contests are definitely part of my career and it’s hard to make a living being a vert skater and not doing contests. For street it’s totally different.

SLUG: How does the Dew Tour compare and differ from other major skate contest like the Maloof Cup or Tampa Pro? How do you feel about the Dew Tour overall?
PLG: The Dew Tout is a tour. It’s a whole year's worth of achievement. It’s not just like I had a good weekend and won a contest—It’s more about being consistent to win the title. That’s why it means a lot.  

SLUG: What is your favorite stop on the tour and why?
PLG: I had a good time in Portland. We had a good time Friday night after the contest. Portland has a great skate history and skate scene with Burnside and so many parks.

SLUG: How do you feel about the Salt Lake City stop?
PLG: I’ve been pretty lucky there. I won two years ago and got second last year.

SLUG: Do you get a chance to skate any street when you travel from city to city?
PLG: Lately I’ve been skating concrete stuff. I just went to the Cayman Islands with some up-and-coming vert skaters for a week between the Portland and SLC Dew Tour stops, which was awesome. Down here in San Diego there’s a super gnarly concrete park at Washington Street that I skate.

SLUG: What’s your favorite thing about SLC?
PLG: I like snowboarding, so whenever I get out to Park City I like to ride. SLC is a beautiful place.

SLUG: Which do you find more exhilarating and productive, traveling on a skate/demo tour or traveling on a contest tour?
PLG: Definitely contest, because we get bigger crowds at contests than we do at vert demos. There’s also more money at contests. 

SLUG: On average how many contests do you enter each year? Do your sponsors and team managers put pressure on you to enter certain contests?
PLG: I don’t really get pressure but feel like it’s smart for me to go to the best contests. I always make sure to do Dew Tour, Maloof Money Cup and X Games. I try to make a point to do Tampa Pro always too.  

SLUG: What has been your favorite contest of all time?
PLG: It was pretty cool winning Maloof Money Cup last year. I was really hyped on that because they gave us full freedom as far as designing ramps and coming up with new formats. And guys that don’t usually do contests were there so it was really awesome to see. It was an epic weekend for me.

SLUG: How does your mindset change when skating a contest versus skating for yourself or with your friends? Do you find the crowed and all the chaos of a contest distracting or motivating?
PLG: When skating for contests I do stuff where it’s repetitive and I’m trying to be really consistent and plan it out. If it’s for myself or with friends I’ll do all sorts of new things. I’ll go for the hardest tricks and do really fast lines and just have fun. At contests when crowds are supportive it’s definitely motivating.

SLUG: Where is your all time favorite place to skate?
PLG: I had a pretty good time in the Cayman Islands. Super fun. I just went there so it’s definitely my new favorite place. On a daily basis I really like the DC ramp and Bucky Lasek’s bowl is perfect. It has to be my favorite thing to skate around San Diego. 

SLUG: Are there any other words you would like to shout out to the skate world?
PLG: Just to have fun doing what you do and try to be original. And show up for the vert contest in SLC!

I'll give you a dollar if you can even spin a seven on you trampoline let alone a vert ramp. PLG 720 Melon 540, PLG