Dirk Hogan: Half Hulk, Half Dundee, All Hogan.

Photos by Chris Swainston

Dirk Hogan recently stopped by our house in the hopes of getting some footage we had filmed for Roger Skateboards' "Roger of the Month" giveaway that they do on a regular basis. Michael Sieben (if you don't know who this guy is I already feel bad for you) and Stacey Lowery started Roger Skateboards after the short-lived Bueno Skateboards failed to impress the masses. They have no team, and if you want to send them footage you can become their "Roger of the Month," meaning for one whole month you get the benefit of being on a legit skate team. Pretty good idea if you ask me, and Dirk is one of those kids who definitely has the potential to become the next ROTM (acronyms are radical). We got to talking and what better way to help him with his ROTM chances than to give him an interview to send those guys. Let's all cross our fingers as you read this so Dirk becomes the ROTM this coming month and gets to "Smile Forever" with Roger and Company.

SLUG: I have been seeing a lot of you lately, it seems like things are going pretty well for you right now. What are you doing for work?
Dirk: I'm actually unemployed right now and just spend most of my time skateboarding with Brooks.

SLUG: Sounds like a good time, have you been filming anything lately?
Dirk: Only what Brooks and I film of each other. We just carry around a backpack and go skate, and when we see something we want footage on, someone pulls out the camera and plays director. I think that's the best way to get footage.

SLUG: Yeah for sure. I like all of your footage, you are always skating stuff that's off the beaten path of normal skateboarders. I hate to compare your style to anyone, but you definitely have a Richie Jackson aesthetic to your skateboarding. Maybe it's just the gypsy "skate everything" attitude you have.
Dirk: Thanks. I used to go to the spots with a, "Oh, he did what?" mentality, then I realized that's not why I skate. I skate for fun so I'm gonna skate things I want to see get skated.

SLUG: Finally someone speaks the truth.
Dirk: Besides that, the really kooky and crazy spots are more fun to skate anyways.

SLUG: Very true and speaking of that, what's this I hear about a full pipe?
Dirk: It's crazy how Cameron Stark found out about it. This old skateboarder dude up in Ogden started skating with him and just showed him where it is. There used to be a bridge that led up to it, but it fell out, so last time we went we parked by the fallen bridge and walked across the river to get to it.

SLUG: Is it pretty big?
Dirk: Yeah, it's about 18 ft high and there's this double echo when you skate it. It's pretty fun.

SLUG: That sounds way stellar, especially the hike up to it. Do you have any more plans for skate trips before winter comes?
Dirk: Only ideas of where to go. I really want to get out to Buffalo, New York.

SLUG: Me too, that place is such an untapped resource of skate spots.

Dirk: I know, that's why I want to get out there, plus, I know a few people from Sunday [a local skate shop in Buffalo] who I can crash with for the time I'm out there.

SLUG: That's badass, I think I might just have to join you when you go. All right, enough of this interview already, so I will ask one more question. Where do see yourself in six months from know?
Dirk: Easy answer, with two chicks at the same time.

We ended up skating until the sun went down and headed back to the house to see the photos. Everyone wondered what to do next. We wanted to eat and celebrate the session, the photos and a great day of company, but none of us could decide where to go. Suddenly, Dirk yelled out, "Old Spaghetti Factory," and whipped out gift certificates for one free entrée for everyone in the clan. Talk about kindness. Not only does he show us random fun spots to skate, he also takes us out to dinner to end the session. If he doesn't make ROTM, I don't know what to think about the skateboard industry.