Salty Peaks/ Element Flat Bar-B-Q Rail Jam

Posted September 9, 2010 in

Salty Peaks/Element Flat Bar-B-Q Rail Jam from Andrew Schummer on Vimeo.

Salty Peaks and Element hosted a rail jam and free bbq on August 29 2010. Just off to the side of Salty Peaks in the parking lot was a street course with a funbox, rainbow rail and some other stuff to get tech with. 

The smell of good food wafted through the air enticing onlookers to see what the hustle was about. With tunes bumping, people started shredding and getting creative, working with the limited objects to skate. It proved successful because after people got familiar with the course lines started to be created. The energy and vibe of the event was that of a good session with your buddies, ripping on the box and rails. Skaters young and old were showing what they had to bring to the table and when you got hungry, Salty's was your answer providing burgers and hotdogs. The typical American meal if you’re enjoying the outdoors and what a better way to do that than to be skating under the good sun.

Although attendance didn't meet the volume of what Salty's staff had expected, a considerable amount of loyal customers still showed up to throw down. As the hours passed the idea of a "Best Line" came into play, really increasing the demand for people to assure a better performance within themselves. A local by the name of Kevin Fedderson stole the show, with a tight run including nollie nose manual big spin out on the box to start his run.

His prize was an Element deck and some new threads, which he happily accepted. Salty's was also promoting a special for that day, which was any Salty deck (including the new beer ones) for only $25 including grip. A reasonable deal I must say. So, if you missed out have no fear because next year will come with another event such as this.

Viddy the footage filmed/edited by Andrew Schummer at: