Skate Lake City Chronicle

The "Ice Man" Levi Faust hits the after burners over this rail to a narrow landing strip. Photo: Swainston

It has been a long while since we spread any news on the local scene. First off, some new blood has hit the streets: Mark and Tennille White are now the parents of Justus Gun White born July 22, 2009. Adam Dyet has a lovely little girl, Annibel Diane Flaaim, born November 4, 2009. Mark and Madison Linn Judd brought their second child into the world, Hannah Gracie Judd, born on April 20, 2010 (their first Ada Minn Judd was born July 29, 2008). With so much skate talent in the veins of these young pups, we could see the next Elissa Steamer or Lizard King emerge.

Speaking of Lizard, he’s been on a mean streak of killing it. He landed his second TWS cover this year, a pro spotlight and won the Readers Choice Awards. He has a character in the latest EA Skate game and his first pro model shoe from Supra just dropped. Dyet has been on the road filming for the new Bones video and skating the Maloof Money Cup in NYC. Chris Cole clinched first place there for the second time, taking home $100,000. And your mom said there was no money in skateboarding. You gotta pay to play before you get those big checks.

Lil’ Jeff Richards took the winter to heal up from knee surgery and is now 100 percent recovered, stacking footy for Brock “Butters” Nielsen’s next video project. Jared Smith had an enjoyable few weeks dealing with yet another fractured ankle, a hyperextended elbow and bursitis. Brooks Hall shredded himself up laying down his motorcycle. Thank god for all that leather he’s always wearing. Dirk Hogan punctured his lung after getting t-boned by a car on his way home from work. Watch where you’re going assholes, there are people in the streets! The Fish separated his shoulder riding his fixed gear. 10 lbs later, he’s almost all healed up and droppin’ switch 360 flips like nobody’s business. James Atkin scratched both corneas of his eyes while taking a nap. It’s a good thing he can skate with sunglasses on. Sean Hadley, Rob Peterson and the Fish tried to run from the law when three cops pulled up on a flat ground session at the old Hansen Planetarium. From what I’ve been told, a full-on police chase ensued, with one cop power-sliding through a red light trying to catch up with a fleeing Hadley. Eventually both Hadley and Peterson were cuffed and taken to jail for skating flat ground, but the Fish got away. Fuck the Police — straight fuck ‘em. However, they will be much easier to get away from now that the city has them patrolling on Segways that cost nearly $9000 each (good use of money guys, apparently bicycles aren’t good enough anymore.) It makes for a good laugh, and they are only getting fatter, lazier and slower, so that’s a plus. Keeping with shit talking on the city, they once again tore down one of our efforts to build a park under an empty freeway bridge, thus replacing our ramps with crack needles. Nevertheless, we will keep on building, so they might as well just let us have it.

On the lighter side of things Sam Milianta is singing, “cancer free is the way to be.” After a small surgery, his body shows no more signs of cancer. Double high fives for Milianta. Brodie Penrod took first at Volcom’s Wild In The Parks at American Fork park. He should have also won the Man Expo contest earlier this year, but big bucks Lutzka pulled the carpet out from under everyone’s feet. It’s not that hard when you haven’t had to skate for five hours just make it to finals. Danny Souk won the Red Bull Manny Mania contest and is on his way to skate in the global amateur finals contest in New York on August 22. The creative minds of the Nobrow skate team will be unleashing their art in the July exhibit at Nobrow Coffee and Tea on 315 E. and 300 S. Jason Gianchetta has taken the SK801 crew and made it a legit business for everyone to enjoy. They have shirts now and boards are coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled because they are hot items.

Badda bing, badda boom. That’s the news for now. I’ll hit you all back in 6-8 months with some more updates, and if you have anything to contribute, shoot me an email. Otherwise keep skatin’, ‘cause there ain’t nothin’ else better to do.