Stupid Old Piss-Pot!

From Issue 182, February 2004

Like the elusive Sasquatch of the Northwest woodlands and the Yeti of the mighty Himalayas, the 48 winter training facility is a spectacle coveted by many yet is experienced only by a brave and select few. Shit, I’ve been there dozens of times and still don’t know where it is. Maybe it’s the asbestos or the chlorophyll fungi emitted by heaven-bound pigeons that have stifled my memory into a hypnotic rectal belch. Maybe the CHUDS have strong-armed me to secrecy. Either way, loose lips sink ships and curiosity killed the cat so find yourself a parking garage, little guy. Paranoid, living in a constant fear, my mortality looming over me like an obnoxious drunk, I put my life on the line to disclose this arbitrary information. Suffering the loss of the Connection Skatepark, with the bitterest winter in years adding insult to injury, Andy Pitts decided to lace up his John Ropers and do some good old American politicking. Long story short: the landlord of a building downtown was kind enough to let us build ramps in his storage cellar. SLUG correspondent and award-winning photographer, Nate Millard, managed to thwart CHUD security, baring evidence of the existence of the 48 T.F. As you can deduce from the photos, it’s your standard street course set-up: bump-to-bump, flat-rail, quarter pipes, ledges, flat bank and a wallride. To-scale replicas of the Santa Monica triple set and the Wilshire rail are in the works, pending on a zoning dispute with the city council.