Summer of Death: Summer Detention

So many stories could (and will) be told about what happened on this fine day, but what matters most is truth. If you were there, you got to see miracles unfold before your eyes. If you weren’t, then I guess you should have entered. We all had fun – we all skated smart-wise and all are definitely part of the revolution. The captions will tell you everything you need to know. Talk to the guides. Recognize that this is how we do it in SLC and right here is why we went back to school, back to detention, but most importantly, back to what skateboarding is all about: the only opponent is within. Welcome to the future … now.

Kevin did some amazing tricks without much thought at all. This is about as casual as you can get for switch F/S heelflip. -Sam Milianta-

Five guides (Isaiah Beh, Tully Flynn, Kendall Johnson, Eric Hess, Dave Law) each took seven kids on a downhill journey through the U of U, sessioning three undisclosed spots. This flat gap was the first stop. Hopefully everyone got some high-speed warm up ‘cause this is no short leap. Check the dirt scattered across the landing from those who needed one extra push. Justin Wallace (above) had the speed, flying high with a kickflip melon. Brody Penrod (below) reaches out for the catch on a 360 flip and Kevin Hutson (below) gets a N.B.D. (never been done) nollie inward heelflip. -Weston Colton photo-

Its just not street skating if the cops don’t show up. Mid bench session, everyone scatters to evade campus police. -Sean Sullivan photo-

Skate it how you see it. A young Moses Sanchez look-a-like front 180s over the 8-rail. -C.Swainst photo

Anyone who witnessed the technical skills of Kevin Federson at the benchline knows he’s on the gravy train to success. -Sean Sullivan photo-

Brody Penrod got beastly on this handrail. I heard somebody ask him later what he did and he said he didn’t really land anything. Pictures don’t lie. -Sam Milianta-

After all the groups finished skating all the spots, their guides rolled them over to 2nd south for a hill bomb into the city and the afterparty at Fice. Product flew high, the BBQ sizzled and game after game of skate flicked away to the beats of DJ SUPerb. -Adam Dorobiala photos

Skateboarding has always been about progression and pushing boundaries; that’s why we took it to the streets – keeping it rugged and raw. No permits, no permission, just skateboarding. (below) this little homie pushes his own limits, boardsliding the biggest rail he’s ever jumped. -C. Swainst photo-

All the spots were thoroughly sessioned, everyone scattered like roaches in the light when the boppers tried to roll on us, blood was shed, bones were broken, new tricks were stomped. We pushed the limits in all directions. Keep shredding the streets, SLC. We’ll see you next summer for another Summer of Death.

Golden Boy: Kevin Federson
Steely Dan: Brodie Penrod
Snake Rider: Kevin Hutson
Trickster: Kevin Hutson
Bone Crusher: Jon Hoganson