The Humble Humbler

When one thinks of a force in the Salt Lake skate scene, a name that is often overlooked is Jovi Bathemuss. At the age of 20 he already has a great start in becoming his own powerhouse, on his own terms with his own style. Many people have seen his footage in the Triple T videos (most people haven’t even seen these wonderful productions by Tim Melonakos) or just recognize the man by his quiet and always smiling persona. I spent a day in BC Surf & Sport, where he runs board orders, PR for the shop, and among other things projecting his happy go lucky attitude towards the people that come in.
SLUG: Whats new?
Jovi: Not much. Just work, school starts at the end of the month. I don’t know if you know that I just moved out to Sugar House (the address is top secret for now) with Austin John and some other friends. There are 7 of us living there, it’s a huge house. SLUG: Whoa, hows that?
Jovi: Its good, there are probably only 3 people home at a time. Its awesome. SLUG: Are you working on another Triple T video?
Jovi: Oh yeah, well he (Tim Melonakos) actually just got surgery and is in Michigan for another week but we will definitely make another.
SLUG: Yeah the music selection is proper.
Jovi: Im glad you liked it, we had fun making it. Have you seen this video yet?

Jovi points to the screens hanging up in the shop, playing “Turd Life” a new release from the likes of Enjoi Skateboards.

Jovi: It is pretty awesome, Kyle Camarillo filmed most of it. Its got this guy named Andrew Pearl in it who is way rad and a bunch of other really good people too (i.e. Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Chris Haslam, et cetera et cetera.)

We spent some time watching the video and talking about random stuff before the conversation wound up talking about sponsors and who has been hooking him up with shoes/skateboards as of lately.

SLUG: How long has Jaime (Craig) been flowing you with ES Footwear?
Jovi: Lets see… a little over a year now. He is so awesome, he called me the other day and was like, “I haven’t talked to you forever. It has been a while since I sent you some shoes so what’s going on?” and I just let him know what I like and he always is so nice about it. In fact I just sent him some photos but I always feel weird calling people up and asking for stuff.
SLUG: C’mon you serious? You rip pretty hard, Im pretty sure I have seen you get vertical many times.
Jovi: (Laughs)
SLUG: So what other companies are supporting you besides Jaime and ES right now?
Jovi: That’s pretty much it and then Tim at DLXSF has been hooking up boards lately too.
SLUG: That’s pretty killer.
Jovi: Yeah I know, if you go to DLXSF’s website, on the “if you didn’t already know” section there is a photo of me doing a wallie off of that median thing downtown. I’m pretty psyched on it.

I looked at that online the other day and was excited to see another friend slowly but surely making his way to the big leagues of skateboarding.

“Every night we go bomb the u, like me and Austin will also go bomb 8th.”

SLUG: Whats the word on some new spots?
Jovi: Let me think….Weber has some good spots….and…..

Right then some customers look as if they need a little help and Jovi delivers some solid pr and not only handles answering their questions, he also still manages to keep our interview going. All so swift, a wave of people show up and the interview stops (well with Jovi at least) while runs the till. This kid comes in with a delaminated board so we talk to Andy to help him get a fresh board, and then a soon to be famous artist, Sudane (a.k.a.Sudangerous) starts showing me his art book and before we know it time has passed and it was so rad, didn’t even feel like time existed. Anyways before I get too philosophical, Jovi is a one of a kind true genuine person whose love for skateboarding goes way beyond words, and what myself is wondering is when are these guys gonna start taking him around the world to shred every nations skateboarding hot spots, they definitely should.