This Is Your Scene

From Issue 20, August 1990

A lot has happened this month. Let’s concern ourselves with our skating and have a retrospective look. July 2, 1990: Ogden, Utah. Of all places, I never thought pros would ever do a demo in Ogden. It’s so cosmopolitan. But Mike Valley, Ed Templeton, Fex Aguelles, and Chris Pastras were there to skate for all of us Jonesers.

Skate Street ran the demo, and they did a great job of providing the shitty ramps and obstacles. I can’t recommend going to an Ogden classic skate jam. The ramps have no masonite, the coping won’t grind, the handrail is 2x4 with sheet metal wrapped around it, etc.

The pros adapted to the clueless ramps and put on a great show, Valley doing 360 degree ollie grab airs, wall rides to fakie, and manuals galore. Ed Templeton ripped ollie impossible and one-footed ollies to disaster to fakie down the handrail. Pastras did 360 backside ollie grabs, and more. Felix Arguelles did handrail feebles, fakie spine ollies, and much more.

The reason it sucked so bad was the fact that the pro’s had to skate for about 40 minutes straight without a break. The Skate Street Team was trying to skate like the pro’s afterwards.
All the SLC locals agreed, the ramps were the worst, and our skating them wasn’t worth the money.
Pros: Rad, Demo: Bad. Ramps: Shit.

A new skate park has opened here in Sandy. Mrs. C’s Skatepark is located right next to the Sandy Classic roller rink, home of our weekly skate jam. The park consists of a 10 foot vert ramp, an 8 foot ramp, and a 6 foot mini with a spine, a speed bump, two extensions, and a flat wall.

The price is $15.00 for a membership, and one dollar per hour to skate. This is hot, and we highly recommend that you try it out. We’ve waited so long for a park, let’s keep it open by skating there so that they can pay the rent.

A Pederson’s Ski & Sports has opened recently in the basement of the Crossroads Mall. With $50.00 boards and bearings at $3.00 a piece, you know they’ll be there a long time.
We highly recommend that you buy your equipment from someone who actually skates or promotes the scene in some way.

Rumor has it that Sunday night is the new downtown session time. Join us in skating the city without the hot sun and the security guards.
Keep rolling and skating because you want to. There is really no other reason.