Word Association: Lyriconomics with Kordell Black

Photos: Chris Swainston

Anyone who has spent any sort of time with Kordell Black knows he is lyrically gifted in the art of rhyme speak, so what better way to conduct his interview than by showcasing his ability to rap on spot? Not only does he blow up the mic, he also fuckin' rips on a skateboard, so that's a bonus. Kordell has a conversation with himself. (Play a simple background beat on your stereo before reading this)

What's your name?
It's Kordell.

How you doin'?
I'm doin' well.

What's that scab?
Shit, I fell.

Material Things?
Shit's fo' sale.

Ryan Sheckler?
Gettin' stale.

Where you workin'?
Work at Dan Jones.

What you do there?
Makin' calls on the damn phone.

Makin' money?
Gotta get some!

How tall are you?
Think I'm six foot one.

Where you livin'?
With the parents.

Why is that?
Shit, I can't afford rent.

Cheap bastard?
True statement.

Does it suck?
Nah, I gots da basement.

You really like it?
Yeah, it's amazing.

Where you grow at?
Salt Lake City.

So you love it?
It's the titties.

What about the winter?
Shoot, it's shitty.

How's abouts are you in school?
You know I ain't a fool.

Where you goin'?
The U of U.

So you enjoy it?
Yeah, I guess it's cool.