A New Visionary

Did you ever have that one friend growing up who possessed a natural talent beyond comprehension? I think everybody has had that experience at least once in their life and Skylar Seabrook is that kid, only now he’s all grown up. Skylar (more widely known as Sky) has an innate ability to snowboard anything anywhere, with style and grace. I met Sky while teaching up at Brighton Ski Resort last year and he has blown me away on so many occasions that the people of Salt Lake should know about his humbleness and love for the art of snowboarding. At the ripe age of 23 (24 this month), he is on the cusp of the next generation of snowboarders who see things differently and put their imaginations to work on the slopes. He currently drives the “Cats” at Brighton so you can be sure there will be solid trail for you to travel, even if its not the trail he might be taking later that day. Every time I see Skylar he tells me about another new spot he saw that would stretch the limits of the snowboarding world for the better. If you’ve ever seen him in action you’ll understand what I mean by uncanny talent. Be on the lookout for Sky up at the resort or on the streets of SLC. Who knows, you might be pondering purchasing his pro model deck in a few years.