Labor of Love Review

Posted December 20, 2007 in
Dec. 6th 2007 @ Brewvies (677 S. 200 w.)

Thursday night the girls took over. Roxy premiered their all-girl snow team video, Labor of Love, at Brewvies. The place was packed with people. The night began with free food, beer and a few of the Roxy girls; producer Amber Stackhouse along with team riders Sarah Burke, Erin Comstock and Jess Cumming available for autographs, and pictures. I jumped on the free beer. I was a bit reluctant to sit through an all-girl snowboard/ski video, however.

After about an hour of drinking, it was time to put down the beer and go watch the movie. I took my place in the back of the theater, wedging myself between Mouse and Keaton. The lights dimmed, the movie began and some crazy music started. I felt like I was in a techno-jazzercise class.

Once I got over the music and really started watching the riding, I was impressed. These girls really worked hard to prove to the industry that girls can do as much or more then any guy out there. From dropping amazing pillow lines in Japan, to snowmobiling their way through Sweden, and riding their way through the Southern hemisphere, these girls were on a journey. This movie portrayed every aspect of riding, from back-country to street; these girls could handle anything put in front of them.

The film's stars included Utah locals Erin Comstock, Amber Stackhouse, Alexis Waite as well as 2007 X Games gold medalist freeskier Sarah Burke, 2007 Women’s TTR World Champion and X Games gold medalist snowboarder Torah Bright, 2006 Olympic bronze medalist snowboarder Kjersti Buaas and freeskiers Jess Cumming, Mille Windfeldt, Vanessa Coletta. Roxy pretty much picked some of the best riders and skiers, put them together and produced a teaser of what we should expect to see from these girls.

So now that I have you super pumped on the film here are the negative aspects of it. The film was too short! It felt like I sat down and watched a well-choreographed opener, saw some great riding and then … BAM! It was done. I liked how they put the film together--there was no real individual part, it was a team video. The girls worked together, but unfortunately it felt like the same five girls hitting the same thing in each country. I wanted to see more variety. Labor of Love left me wanting more, so cheers to Roxy for tricking me into really liking an all-girls snowboard video.

The night was fun; Roxy introduced their snow team and kept everybody who showed up full of drinks, pizza and product. The night ended with a raffle and some new lessons learned. Girls are taking over the industry, and hold on to that stupid raffle ticket they give you when you enter because you could have been that lucky son of a gun who won the Park City Season Pass.