Summer Huh? Almost Made It!

Posted July 2, 2010 in

Normal.dotm 0 0 1 348 1989 SLUG Mag 16 3 2442 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false A late June Sunday usually calls for a celebration, a picnic or BBQ with the family, maybe a bowling outing. Not this Sunday, nope this year on Sunday, June 20 marked the end of yet another epic winter in Utah’s Wasatch Canyons. Snowbird welcomed the snow community for one last rendezvous 11,000 feet up from sea level. With over 600 inches of snowfall this past season, the Bird was able to extend our beloved season almost into summer (marked by June 21, also Go Skate Day! What a week!). Despite warm temps and the rapidly depleting base, conditions were far better than most could have expected and made for some spectacular riding and skiing.

For the last day of lift operated skiing, the bird offered only one run (in bounds), which had to be first accessed by the tram and then, by the slowest lift on the entire mountain. The long lift lines provided just enough time to enjoy a snow cooled beer or a long draw of tobacky (wacky if you were lucky enough to be holding). For those who consider themselves snow savvy aficionados, Road to Provo gave access to some out of bounds riding, and in particular “The Wave”(Picture an elongated land lump covered with snow with various take-offs and landings). This feature was by far the most utilized and, despite not making for the greatest photos, lead to a heap of fun and some ridiculous tricks.

Unfortunately, we also witnessed the seasons most insane attempt/failure. A skier, Crazy Carl (as his buddy called him), after we collectively let out an unconscious “Holy Fuck!” had launched a good 80 ft. off the wave while throwing a rodeo 720. All was well in the air, except when gravity forced him back to earth and untouched sticky snow. He was well past the safe zone and wound up tumbling through a rock field. Somehow he was sitting up and seemed only to be suffering from minor injuries. We later learned that he would be ‘alright’ but was taken to the hospital as a precaution (hope your doing alright man that was fucking nuts!). Another reason why you never call last run, kids!

After all the excitement, the lifts stopped for the last time of the 09/10 season and we all downloaded to the tram deck. With the sun beginning to set, we reflected over some tasty BBQ and a couple more cold tall boys (yup, PBR’s you guessed it. We’re all hipsters at heart aren’t we?).  “Here’s to another season down. May next winter come sooner than later!”


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