June 1, 2017

Contributor Limelight: Alex Vermillion

Since ze joined SLUG in August 2015, Alex Vermillion has become an invaluable and dazzling force on SLUG’s team as a writer and Editorial Intern. A queer performer and aspiring dramaturg, Vermillion has taken zir enthusiasm, passion and expertise to write countless pieces for SLUG that celebrate Utah’s creative community, from spirited reviews of Utah theatre and local artist-activist interviews to drafting synopses for our SLUG Soundwaves episodes. In this issue, Vermillion talks music with Civil Lust (pg. 6) and Primitive Programme (pg. 7) for SLUG Localized, and ze previews one of zir favorite annual events: the Utah Beer Festival (pg. 38). Whether ze is working, writing or ruling the stage, Vermillion has been a tireless advocate for Utah’s many diverse and less-represented subcultures, and we at SLUG feel blessed to have Vermillion on our masthead.