May 31, 2018

Contributor Limelight: Andy Fitzgerrell

Andy Fitzgerrell joined the SLUG photography team in April of 2015. He moved to SLC in 2009, riding BMX for S&M Bikes and Revenge Industries. While remaining involved in the local BMX scene, he has contributed stunning images to SLUG’s BMX Photo Feature in our warm-month issues. For this month, Fitzgerrell has put a face to the name of Russel Albert Daniels—the photographer whose work is featured on pages 24–25—in his photo essay on about Daniels’ zine-making party for a Bears Ears zine. Fitzgerrell’s photographic passion extends to shooting heavy metal shows and one-offs like a recent favorite of his, the portraits of Jennifer Hines and Pete Schropp of Rockhill Creamery. He’s also an avid foodie. Fitzgerrell’s love for BMX, metal and food comes through in his photos, and we can’t get enough! Keep an eye out for more from him via SLUG.

SLUG: So, what exactly do you do for a living?
Andy Fitzgerrell: I am the cheese category corporate trainer for a large natural food distributor. I either work from home or travel around the country educating people on all things cheese-related—from creating webinar trainings for national accounts to educating on pairing cheeses with other foods and beverages to creating recipes with specific producers’ cheeses to then be shown at national food shows.

SLUG: What photos have you enjoyed shooting for SLUG?
Fitzgerrell: I always enjoy shooting the BMX photos since they’re always with friends that I’ve been riding with for years. I’ve also enjoyed the unexpected assignments like shooting/writing about Jennifer Hines and Pete Schropp of Rockhill Creamery.

SLUG: Specifically, what are your favorite BMX shoots you’ve done for SLUG?
Fitzgerrell: If I had to pick a single one … probably the one of my buddy (and favorite guy to ride with) Garrett Holm tailwhipping at sunset at the now-gone brick bank in Bountiful.

SLUG: What do you enjoy about photography in general?
Fitzgerrell: We all see things differently, and I like to create permanent images of things I’ve seen—and then share them with people, whether they’re friends, family or strangers.

SLUG: What’s your background in BMX, especially locally?
Fitzgerrell: I moved to SLC in 2009. At the time, I was still heavily involved in BMX and rode for a couple of the best companies in the industry—S&M Bikes and Revenge Industries. Our team manager actually lives here, Matt Beringer (and he rules!), as well as Cam Wood. We moved here for the snow and a career opportunity for my wife, but to get to be a part of one of the best/heaviest BMX scenes in the country has been a real treat. I’ve watched friends go from young groms at the park to insane shredders. I have to give a big shoutout to Eddie Buckley—owner of 5050 Bike Shop in Layton—who is a huge, driving force in the BMX scene, both locally and globally. Eddie is the best, and he keeps everyone stoked!

SLUG: How does SLUG get you stoked overall?
Fitzgerrell: What’s not to like about a magazine that generates original content that doesn’t use clickbait or dwell on politics … ? Haha. I like that it’s a successful magazine that one can find articles inside that can be about almost anything. We have a great staff, and there’s a lot of individual talent that is allowed to contribute in their own way, rather than being fit into a mold of what the outside world perceived as a writer/photographer.

SLUG: Which SLUG events that you’ve attended have you enjoyed?
Fitzgerrell: I am a big fan of the Brewstillery event! Since getting here, I’ve gotten to see Utah evolve and start embracing the beer/distilling scene. The people who start these small operations are all fantastic, hardworking folks who are passionate and skillful in their trade. We’re lucky that they want to share their craft with us here in Salt Lake (and surrounding).