November 7, 2019

Contributor Limelight: Benjamin Bigelow

Benjamin Bigelow brings ebullience, brains and badinage to SLUG’s copy editing team, and we love him for it! He started on the team in January 2018 and quickly became a leader with his knowledge of grammar, punctuation and syntax—and an ever-present willingness to help others edit copy. The dude knows his craft beer, too, which comes in handy when he fact checks “Beer of the Month.” Bigelow enjoys not only copy editing in and of itself but also sneak peeks at our content and the substance therein. It cues him in on new restaurants and events around town—and validates his passion for craft beer, of course. His favorite SLUG-related event was marching with us at the 2019 Utah Pride Festival, partly because of the people he got to meet. Bigelow’s bonhomie couples with his team-oriented mentality, and we look forward to each meeting to copy edit together.