Whether it’s skate photography, fashion shoots, portraiture or other assignments, CJ Anderson is solid, and we love him for it.
June 4, 2020

Contributor Limelight – CJ Anderson

CJ Anderson has shot photos for our monthly “Skate Photo Feature” and beyond since February 2017. One of the marks of a great skate photographer is that they’re always out to get their fix of skate shots, and Anderson’s always been hungry to get ’em! He chalks it up to continually striving to try new things and move around to get the shot. He counts his long-exposure photo of Tyson Bowerbank (Issue 359) and that of Coda Bonnell’s HUGE heelflip grab over a West Jordan loading dock (Issue 368) as his favorite “Skate Photo Feature” contributions. This month, Anderson has captured Britton Larsen’s backside disaster at SoJo on pg. 26. Anderson’s skills range as well, from portraiture to his foray into fashion photography for our 29th anniversary fashion show. Whether it’s skate photography or other assignments, Anderson is solid, and we love him for it.