February 6, 2020

Contributor Limelight: Alex Blackburn

Since July 2015, Senior Staff Writer Alex Blackburn has written chiefly about local music for SLUG. Ever since, he’s been our go-to guy for anything in the realm of math rock or instrumental-leaning rock music. He appreciates consistently writing about music, and cites his Localized double-feature about Mortigi Tempo and Lord Vox as his favorite SLUG assignments. An avid snowboarder, Blackburn makes his first SLUG foray into non-musical territory this month, with a feature about the National Ability Center on pg. 18. He sheds light on the NAC’s leadership in facilitating fun on the mountain for people of all levels of ability. Whether it’s about music or relating his convivial journey with riders on the hill, Blackburn has a knack for transporting us to his experience in whatever he writes. We’re always charmed by Blackburn’s engaging work and proud that he’s a member of our team!