Alex Topolewski
October 4, 2018

Contributor Limelight: Alex Topolewski

Marketing teamster Alex Topolewski has been a grassroots force on the SLUG marketing team since 2014. Topolewski was enthralled by her second marketing event, SLUG Games, and cites it as one of her standout favorites each year because of the event’s energy and the people it pulls together—a dynamic that’s kept her on the team ever since. She also enjoys being able to represent the magazine at non-SLUG events she otherwise may not have attended. Topolewski steps in to help on the team to lend a helping hand whenever there’s the need to spread the word about SLUG, and she applies the necessary elbow grease for a job well done each time. She’s witnessed the growth of SLUG events such as Brewstillery (Nov. 17)—a new favorite—from year to year as a leader on the team. Topolweski values SLUG’s accessible mosaic of local voices, and we love all that she does as a part of it all!