August 2, 2018

Contributor Limelight: Karli Duisen

Since June of 2017, SLUG graphic designer Karli Duisen has imparted her craft and skill to layouts in print issues of the magazine. Duisen was first drawn to SLUG’s content because of our community focus—especially our monthly Localized double-feature of local bands. It was only fitting that her first layout for SLUG turned out to be for Localized in August of 2017 for Madge and Peach Dream! This month, Duisen has designed our monthly food review of Bangkok Terrace, on pg. 22. In this layout, she exercises her penchant for visually creative problem solving. Of layout design, she says, “You have to figure out how to arrange all of the elements in a way that will look appealing, sets the right tone, and is pleasant to read.” Duisen achieves all this and more each month, and we’re continually stoked to have her on Team SLUG.