SLUG designer Lindsey Morris has a style all her own. The genius behind’s Napalm Flesh branding (logo, posters, slipmats, koozies, etc.) she has also rebranded SLUG’s Summer of Death skate series, successfully created a zombie-rific campaign for the SLUG Games 2012 Dawn of the Shred contest, designed the Record Store Day poster for Greywhale and Napalm Flesh’s RSD metal show, and has put together numerous posters and ads for SLUG since she started in 2010, which manage to make all of us nerds look super cool. Hailing from Ogden, Morris enjoys getting tattooed at Loyalty, finding cool stuff at antique and thrift stores and hiking with her pups. She also does some sweet design work for Stampin’ Up. Morris kills it at everything, and we are downright lucky to have her on out team.