In addition to being this month's cover artist, Liz Lambson has a collection of talents: being an artist, musician, writer and mother.
March 31, 2021

Contributor Limelight: Liz Lambson

Liz Lambson is an artist, musician, writer and mother to five boys. In addition to her collection of talents, Lambson performs as a string bassist with the Ballet West Orchestra and is the creator of Yoga Storytime & Songs where she performs as children’s singer- songwriter Lizzy Luna. In painting the cover for this issue Lambson says, “From varying skin tones on the subjects’ faces to the hues of their clothing to the brightness of the background, I love painting with vibrant, rich colors.” As a member of the Utah Black Artists Collective and board member of the Utah Black History Museum, Lambson actively plays many critical roles in Utah’s art and culture community.